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    Vape pens are trending today as it does not Simply make you look trendy but also helps you a lot to quit smoking.

    Apart from this, it is also better than other E-cigarettes since it is refillable so you can alter the tastes according to your desire by purchasing one vape pen. In the same way, it is run by a battery which is used to create denser vapors. Their small and intelligent size makes them suitable to carry anywhere with you.

    You can choose between the two available types of Vape pens according to the type of material that you would like to vape. But If you are someone who likes to try different dry herbs then you should purchase g pen pro since it’s quite easy to use. All you have to do is

    ● Charge the pen- It is better to completely charge the battery which takes around three hours

    ● Grind your dry Herbs or any dry cloth and fill them into the oven. The oven is made up of ceramic material which won’t alter the tastes of your herbs.

    ● Change the Mouthpiece and power on the apparatus. You can adjust the temperature according to the density of vapors you desire.

    After thirty minutes, your device will be prepared to vape. You’re allowed to use it during the charging. However, it is far better to clean out the room by using the supplied brush so you can enjoy the euphoria of the herbs.

    Likewise If You’re looking for a multipurpose Vape pencil which you can use for both dry herbs and concentrate then you should have a peek at g pen nova. The pen is in demand due to its extremely mobile and most convenient layout which contains just a single button on it. Just tap it to begin vaping and tap to turn it off. This vape pen is given with a tank which may be used for both herbs and concentrate. The 300mAh battery will allow you to vape for up-to fifteen minutes without any interruption.

    Apart from Both of These super-efficient goods of Grenco science, there is another more innovative product of the identical lineup known as g pen elite. Many facets make it different from the preceding two devices such as it has the most compact layout despite the massive chamber to fill material. Unlike other products, you are not bound to just limited temperature variants instead you can adjust the customized temperature according to your desire. An LED interface is present to notify about the battery percent and temperature. Moreover, many buttons can be found which are used to control different operations like front panel switches are used to power off and on the apparatus along with side buttons are used to adjust the temperature.

    Similarly, if you are looking for a multipurpose vape pen that you can use for both dry herbs and concentrate then you should have a look at g pen nova.Click here to get more information about g pen nova.