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  • Swedish massage is the branch of therapeutic massage that involves the use of a variety of techniques or movementsthat range from gentle strokes (called effleurage) to penetrating friction (caditate). Swedish massage techniques include kneading, friction, and steady, gentle strokes. The strokes of Swedish massage are usually performed in precise,…[Read more]

  • Reflexology, also known as meditative therapy, can be described as alternative medical treatment that involves the application of gentle pressure on certain points on the hands and feet. This is accomplished using a thumb or finger and is done without oil or lotion. It’s not considered a traditional treatment but is becoming popular as an…[Read more]

  • If you’ve ever experienced the pleasure of getting an initial massage as an expectant mum, you know the power of this experience. As you lie there and feel the small hands massaging each part of your body, it is like being coated in the finest silk pajamas you’ve ever felt. The soothing movements will help you feel more comfortable and more…[Read more]

  • What would be the 5 methods of Swedish massage? Swedish massage is just a well-known massage technique modality that utilizes five basic massage techniques for curative treatment. The five techniques involved are: 1. Effleurage or sliding hand and fingers to and out of their skin; that includes palm and knuckles and the fingernails. 2. Petrissage…[Read more]

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    Origins: Ayurvedic therapeutic massage stems from ancient Greek conventional teachings of Ayurvedic medicine and acupuncture pressure factors, designed to recover the body and create a harmony between soul, head, and human anatomy. The word Ayurvedic is really just a Sanskrit term: ayu, meaning knowledge, and networking, significance mathematics.…[Read more]

  • Trigger point massage identifies specialized massage techniques which deal with the use of pressure directly to the muscles in which they’re most vulnerable. Trigger points are painful, vulnerable spots which often develop at a tense muscle. Trigger point therapy deals not only with shallow muscle pain but also with the chronic problems of…[Read more]

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