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    Various Blue Computer chip companies in Nigeria, operating in different spheres such as Manufacturing, Telecoms, Banking, Consumer services are usually springing up with refreshing concepts that could place them ahead of their rivals. Typically the post Independent epoch (1960 till date) has witnessed the continuous influx regarding companies both local and International in to the marketing market, eager to compete in the Nigerian open market Tournament. A event kept to find out which firms products/services thrived typically the most inside the Nigerian Market. Their performances were rated by simply the profits posted during the Firms Annual General Conferences. A couple of who started the race at its inception are still in contention for your golden prize, whilst their counterparts have got fallen along typically the way side.

    The particular competition to dominate the Nigerian industry has grown more challenging with each moving year, and firms have deployed various marketing strategies "in plus from the box" inside a bid to be able to steal the marketplace. As an example the regular make use of of promos simply by companies luring clients to purchase their products and ultimately wining whooping monetary benefits and an variety of consolation prizes, game shows/lottery, where juicy monetary deals are available by simply customers who get involved and obey specified instructions have grown to be rampant. These ‘over flogged marketing strategies’, have got propelled a few in order to look towards the particular direction of typically the celebrities (especially those in the Enjoyment circuit) to invoke a Sales- Reload needed to pushed them far in advance of their competitors.

    In the sight of the open public, celebrities are observed as a rare unique breed of Homosapiens who proceed about with a great aura of success, and possess the particular golden touch able to transforming the ordinary into extra-ordinary within a splitting second in their respective chosen career. They possess the power to keep types eyes riveted upon them, igniting typically the star struck syndrome on their enthusiasts. They easily mix up excitement in the crowd with some cringing their necks much to the nerves discomfort, in a bid to catch a glimpse of those. This phenomenon is best described during survive concerts performed by simply popular artistes if the crowd goes into a frenzy, along with the babes of course screaming their names(if they usually are guys) and shouting "I Love You X", amazingly shedding tears, and sometimes passing out or perhaps nearly passing away on the slightest physical exposure to the superstars or otherwise.

    The particular posters of these types of great men plus women who hold the financial wands in their fingers are kissed plus talked to by their fans that have them put up in a corner of the rooms, plus dream endlessly regarding how good these people could have been together, profess their own undying love for them, adoring, idolizing them, thereby provoking the good Lord to jealousy. Superstars by reason of their popularity naturally offer the power to impact consumers to exchange loyalty to the particular endorsed brands, plus make such adverts to linger continuously in their storage data banks. Upon a wider base, celebrities like Adam Earl Jones supported "CNN", Catherine Zeta- Jones "Elizabeth Arden", and Pepsi has continually used Global top rated footballers and artistes to market its brand.

    Within Nigeria, the concept of using celebs to promote different brands was in its lowest go ahead of 2007. Marketing companies on the particular pay roll associated with rival companies fantastically used "Unknown faces" to try in addition to lure potential consumers into purchasing the particular products being expected or to preserve customers loyalty or initiate a mix carpeting to the particular use of typically the displayed products, by means of the Electronic media(dominantly TV).


    1. IGNORANCE: Most Advertising practitioners are not conversant with typically the idea of using celebrities to advertise the brand names. They were hired to simply advertise, show off the products of the clients to visitors, which they performed. They were not seriously involved in any advertising strategy to away do brands coming from rival companies.

    two. INDIFFERENCE: A few were rather indifferent, followed a lackadaisical approach to the principle, simply because they believed that the usage of celebs had no impact on the quality output of typically the adverts produced, so why bother with them?

    3. UNWILLINGNESS TO SPEND: Most Clients were unwilling to spend the fees needed to engage the particular services of the celebrities to promote the brands in the advert (which was not because expensive when compared with what acquires today). Only
    Nigerian music chart consented to be able to the soliciting and eventual use of celebrities such as the now defunct Universal Trust Financial institution (UTB advert: Chief Zebrudaya and Jegede of the Brand new masquerade TV collection fame), Visine attention drops (Regina Askia), Morning fresh (Bimbo Oloyede), Panadol ( Ovuleria, Akpena within the TV series of the New masquerade), New Elephant Azure detergent (Chief Zebrudaya, Samanja)

    4. LOW COMPETITON: A few of companies along with rivals producing brand names in the similar sector existed. Within the 80’s all of us basically had 2 known rival brands of products sucked from different spheres for eg Detergents "Omo and Elephant Blue", Soaps "Lux and "Cussons Imperial leather", Soft drinks "Coke and Pepsi", Cars "Peugeot and Volkswagen". Alternatively a number of companies produced brand names that went unchallenged such as Okin biscuits, Peak Milk, Maltina, Robb, Thermocool fridge/freezers.

    The online game has changed with Companies eagerly separating with cash to ensure that celebs are effectively used to promote their brand names via the digital media (still prevailing TV) based upon its large viewership base, and perhaps the Print media can also be used.