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    As diseases and harmful problems are experienced due to fresh bean production which is made extremely in the research region and taking the crop rotation period short, the producers should be kept informed.In order to obtain higher efficiency and high quality bean production, popularizing the usage of qualified varieties should be encouraged.The seeds to be purchased from the outside should be checked whether they are registered or not. Bean is a good alternation plant with the sugar beet.Bean becomes more productive and healthy if it is planted with regard to alternation program. In the examined farms, lots of agricultural device and machines are being used for soil preparing operations except the device and machines erected for another.It had been detected that there is a serious increase on machine usage for producing fresh beans.In addition, the prevalence of machine usage rates shows the importance the farmers give for preparing the seed bed.In preparing the soil, the need of cultivating the soil in various periods, with various cultivation tools and in different depth had been detected within the studies.The purpose had been identified as preparing a better seed bed, struggling effectively with weeds, increasing water retention and conservation of the soil by straightening its physical structure. In the farms examined in consideration of type of watering, no such a different application had been detected.The planting should be taken care of making into the tempered soil, the hard layer, which is the duff layer on the origin of the bean plant should be broken if it had been planted into the dry and irrigated. In green bean farming there is a need of irrigation.Especially after its harvest actualizes, in the least irrigating provides increasing efficiency for following harvest.Exactly all the examined farms prefer sprinkler irrigation by DS canalette system and every irrigation period changes between hours.Main cause of preferring sprinkler irrigation system is not having much need of investment.The producers lean towards sprinkler irrigation system but they dont prefer because of investment expenses are too much.The most faced problems in the examined farms are many malfunctions in irrigating canals and due to this they cannot irrigate their products timely.As of type of irrigation in the examined farms, there are not any many different implementations.Drip irrigation method is now started to be used in bean irrigation.In the examined farms, they have agricultural struggle but they dont use hormone.Most of the producers are determined that they have disease and pests.It is determined that they mostly meet with blighted common leaf and disease of powdery mildew and pests like green worm and leaf beetle.It is determined that most of the producers cannot get efficiency up to the mark because of summer rains go on for long times in season production, and possibilities of virus diseases are increasing due to implementing alternation system dichotomously.Green bean has a need of top fertilization from time to time.This operation must be done timely and in adequately.Usage of foreign workforce inside the farms in the third lamination is more because of the causes especially such as increasing of farming lands and lack of enough family workforces.