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    A hot rock massage is a early form of massage dating back to a long time. It’s used to help relax and relieve tight, stressed muscles and injured tissues around your entire body. Throughout a hot stone massage, flat, smooth, heated rocks are put on certain areas of your body in succession. Usually the rocks are typically made from basalt, an igneous form of stone that holds renewable energy. These stones increase circulation and also the energy flow into the skin to provide a relaxing feeling.

    By increasing bloodflow, hot rock massage also increases cardiovascular disease, relieving muscle strain, improving mood and helping with chronic stress and pain. Topical massage increases your ability to flush toxins from your cells throughout your lymphatic system. Toxins can develop on your lymphatic system because of a bad diet, over-exercising, vulnerability to pollution and even disease. By allowing the lymphatic system to remove the toxins, then you enable your cells to function at their optimum level.

    Many people utilize hot rock massage as part of a whole fitness regime. Hot stone therapy provides a variety of unique benefits, including improving energy and circulation levels. The warmth from the heated stone boosts an invigorating feeling which makes it easier to exercise. Heat increases the metabolic process, which makes you burn up more calories, that leads to weight loss.
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    At a study found in the September issue of Archives of Internal Medicine, a physical therapist coupled the results of massage and traditional traction. The therapist found that patients that used massage less often and for longer spans experienced less pain and could exert themselves . The study revealed that the mixture of massage and traction caused a reduction in pain intensity and duration, a reduction in muscle strain and a decline in physical handicap.

    Hot stone massage is frequently used by athletes to enhance speed and agility and also to increase strength. Hot stone therapy provides a unique therapeutic cure for pregnant women. While pregnant, women who take heat treatments regularly experience an increased level of the flow of blood with their uterus, due to increased hormone levels. The higher flow of blood makes it possible for the embryo to get oxygenated blood and nutrition, that enhance its own development. A study published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine found that pregnant women who took hot stone therapy within their 3rd trimester undergone a considerable progress within their muscle mass and a reduction in muscle pain.

    Still another analysis discovered that massage decreased stress levels and improved mental wellbeing. The analysis revealed that the benefits of massage long beyond pain relief. The decrease in stress increased coping and improved mood. Additionally, it improves sleep and enhances blood pressure. Massage increases the flow of endorphins, the normal painkillers, and results in the release of chemicals and enzymes which reduce depression as well as anxiety. As massage therapy continues to be applied to relieve stress and to enhance wellness, it will become more widely accepted as a safe and efficient types of reducing high degrees of stress.

    If you’re having pain, you can find certain regions of the body which can be somewhat more sensitive to touch than many the others. When getting a hot stone massage treatment, the therapist works with specific points on the palm and soles of the foot. These particular points are associated with specific pressure points in the human body, such as the spine. By sparking these pressure points, the therapist can reduce pain, encourage healing and promote circulation.

    To receive the full benefits of hot rock massage and to reduce the risk of injury, it is vital that you choose a therapist who’s experienced and proficient in performing the technique. You can learn to self-treat your self in home by using massage or a diffuser. If you aren’t confident with applying any products to your skin, ask your therapist whether she’d recommend a particular brand or type of product. Many therapists also recommend that you work with a pressure point gel or lotion to connect with the skin prior to and following the massage in order to make the most of relaxing benefits of their rocks and also to further relax muscles.