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  • "Clevinzer has 19 wins, 21 losses and a 4.08 ERA in 140 games over the past five years in the minors," the Los Angeles Times said. "He came out as a reliever against the New York Mets on September 18, his first game in Major League Baseball, and gave up two hits and one home run in 0.2 innings."

    "San Diego wants more. If you want to be a…[Read more]

  • Yang did not receive any special offers from the Major League even within the additional deadline. However, I still have lingering feelings about the challenge.
    bet365가입 had a strong desire to enter the Major League in any way and gave KIA a final notification. Yang Hyun-jong’s major league challengers are hard to promise.

    "I’m very hap…[Read more]

  • Masahiro Tanaka will make a splendid comeback, breaking the highest salary in the Japanese professional baseball league.

    Initially, the specific contract size was not disclosed, but Ishii, the director and director, hinted at Tanaka’s contract size through a non-face-to-face video interview.

    In his first year of debut, he faced a crisis…[Read more]

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