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    Keratitis is surely an inflammatory lesion in the cornea that has different causes and mechanisms of advancement. Diseases provoke clouding from the cornea, which results in a substantial lowering of vision. A concomitant specialized medical picture manifests itself: , experience of any foreign system inside the eye, decreasing discomfort, elevated level of sensitivity from the cornea.lacrimation and photophobia Treatment method – medicine and microsurgical (if corneal ulceration is detected).

    Standard specifics of the illness

    Inflammatory conditions in the eyes are the most common in ophthalmic process. Conjunctivitis is frequently manifested – about 70Percent of instances in the overall size of eyes pathologies. Keratitis takes place no more often than 5Per cent of sufferers.

    The mechanism of growth of the disease is carefully relevant to the structural highlights of the conjunctival cavity. Microflora is continually present in it, which, despite the least traumatic injury to the cornea, provokes its inflammation. In order to restore the optical properties, in most cases, against the background of keratitis, vision is sharply reduced; for correction, it is necessary to use microsurgical techniques.

    In ophthalmic practice, superficial and deep keratitis are identified. Within the very first case, the ailment is really a consequence of inflammatory pathologies. With superficial lesions, there are actually no cicatricial alterations, the cornea fails to increase cloudy.

    According to the classification, keratitis are, depending on the nature of the pathology:

    bacterial and viral;


    ulcerative and no-ulcerative;


    seasonal keratoconjunctivitis;


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