Duncan Clay

  • Whether you are embarking on a whole new stage of life exterior the armed forces, or attempting to invest in a house while serving, Marc’s private knowledge adds depth and insight on the mortgage process.

    In the event you’re a critical worker living in Wales, the technique functions marginally differently. As opposed to leasing in a dec…[Read more]

  • “Land won’t take pleasure in in benefit in a similar way as improved property,” Smith said. “When economies get ‘comfortable,’ land is more difficult to market than improved property.”

    Fixed Term Contract Mortgage knows rural financing and addresses lots of forms of loan packages. Some benefits of our bare land system are terms up to fifte…[Read more]

  • Before, partners have setup a invest in-to-Permit mortgage in the sole name of the lowest earner, as this would indicate they might pay a lot less tax.

    Pete, an expert in all points mortgages, Slice his enamel ideal in the midst of the credit crunch. With lots of men and women needing support and handful of mortgage companies lending, Pete…[Read more]

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