Filtenborg Vargas

  • Dima Ali, one of the busiest mesotherapy practitioners -PROVELIA OPINIOES in the Washington area, said she has treated about 1,000 patients in her Reston clinic. She calls the therapy "by far the most successful and progressive of all cellulite treatments available? -PROVELIA OPINIOES and cites the experience of her patients as evidence that the…[Read more]

  • The skepticism about mesotherapy, she said, reminds her of the reaction to Botox a decade ago, before it became one of the most widely used wrinkle-banishing treatments -PROVELIA OPINIOES."We are doing controlled [studies of mesotherapy] right now," said Ali, who compares cellulite to "fat trapped in a jail cell behind steel bars" that is…[Read more]

  • "It is mind-boggling to think that – PROVELIA a physician would inject patients — or that patients would allow physicians to inject them — with unknown, unproved substances based on hearsay and unsubstantiated clinical findings," he wrote in an editorial that accompanied the journal article. "Anything short of being on a diet, actually doing…[Read more]

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