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  • Mei Gong big sister was so grateful and bid me good bye. Once I turn around I saw everyone was engrossed into the preparation of the final task before the opening of the cocktail reception. I was running toward Peter’s car at the car park to change my shoes.

    When I was rushing toward the Mini Polo, one silver-grey commercial van with…[Read more]

  • The plane was shaking slightly. Angele stood up and absorbed some more negative emotions. It almost looked like his muscles were growing.

    Angele peeked through the window; he could see the mountains below. The clouds blocked most of the view.

    He shook his head and looked at the others. They were still sleeping. He moved around the seats…[Read more]

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    At this point, Wu shi raised his finger and pointed. "Look at them…"

    Feng Xun turned his gaze over and saw that the combat masters behind him had their emotions deeply moved by Zhang Xuan, and tears were flowing uncontrollably down their faces.

    "This…" Feng Xun narrowed his eyes in shock.

    He thought that it was already an amazing…[Read more]

  • He quickly opened up the Mission Window, and saw that the Main mission [Survive for 7 days: 2/7] had changed to [Survive for 3 days: 2 /3].

    Kieran had not expected this.

    It was messing up his original plan. After taking out Zennings and Zarukhar, he had planned to slip unnoticed while the rebels were fighting each other and find those…[Read more]

  • "The prophesied being? What are you talking about?"

    "Unless I can confirm that you are the being foretold by the prophecy, I won’t be able to tell you."

    "This is also the first time I’ve heard about this. Why wasn’t I informed?"

    Kairen spoke. He had shown dedication in his work as a member of the Guardian Shadow, yet he wasn’t informed…[Read more]

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