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  • "Director, no 1 would dress like this in the countryside back in the 1970s. My mother looks younger than me! Is there no unspoken rule about this?"

    Jiang Wen kicked him on the butt. "There are no unspoken principles in my film. I am just making an attempt to meet everyone’s demands. You should be pleased you are dressed decently. Now go…[Read more]

  • The Gora cried out.


    Seeing Millia triumphantly clench her fist, Aleist was beginning to pity the gora.

    Gripping the sword he held in one hand, he swung it in direction of the beast’s ankle.

    A black magic flame coiled about the blade, and when he released it, the gora’s foot was severed by means of.

    (I can nevertheless…[Read more]

  • Fan Zhishan came flying down from above, and then she walked in direction of Pi Shi with hurried measures. With slight astonishment and shyness, she stated. "Why are you right here?"

    "How can your master not be present for your succession ceremony?" Pi Shi nonetheless had a severe search.

    "Thank you, master." Fan Zhishan looked at him…[Read more]

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    Killing intent filled with madness virtually triggered the crowd to vomit.

    The aura of a king level berserk beast was not some thing they could afford to withstand, and Zhang Yang did not cease it. He just stared at the beast and faced it head-on. For these geniuses, possibly it may well even support them develop.

    Lan Tingxu waved…[Read more]

  • Zhang Yang jumped into the fight, closely trailed by the get together.

    "Every person! It really is Morphin’ time!"

    Fatty Han laughed out loud while the rest of the group giggled as they activated their Transformation expertise. One by one particular, all kinds of varieties had been unleashed. Every time they went through this, Wei Yan Er…[Read more]

  • "Sanshi, you’re up first."

    Xu Sanshi nodded. At this moment, he awakened the domineering frame of mind he generally kept hidden, setting it ablaze as his will to battle. He squinted his eyes somewhat, a cold glint shining in them. "I will definitely win the initial match. Either they will beat me until I can not get up anymore, or I will emerge…[Read more]

  • As soon as he spoke these phrases, absolutely everyone had been stunned. Everybody from the Ye had stared at Tianming with a gaping mouth as if they witnessed something entirely unbelievable.

    The outdated girl had been stunned for a really extended time, but it had been her to be the really initial a single to gather her wits. Carrying out away…[Read more]

  • It was as if the a great number of many years had only left behind a feeling of desolation, and absolutely nothing else. Jiang Chen stood at the rear of the crowd, not a ripple of emotion noticeable on his face, but wonderful waves surging in his heart. When he’d set foot on the third platform, he’d felt some type of connection with this presence.…[Read more]

  • SpyingBlade and the others were all stunned. Such a big stack of books, and she had finished within minutes. She had even been analysing and arranging the data while doing so. What kind of brain is that!?

    "Don’t worry about the rest for now. Let’s go in the direction the chief pointed to first." Ye Cang said looking towards the mountains in the…[Read more]

  • Yun Yanli shot him a glance. "And you are?"

    Gu Xijiu’s head ached. The two people in front of her are supposed to be enemies, logically speaking.

    Yun Yanli’s father had acted against Shen Nianmo before, while Shen Nianmo’s mother is indirectly responsible for the sudden absence of the former emperor and the downfall of the Yun family.

    It…[Read more]

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    There was the sound of life outside the building. They must be mutants.

    It must have been because he had 10 years of experience in Life Mission, but he stuck his back against the wall and moved towards the window. He wanted to examine the situation outside.

    "There are more than a few buildings. Just looking out, there must be…[Read more]

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    "Kill this criminal directly, there is no need to pronounce any judgment!"

    In the loud noise, almost all people looked at the vision of Baiyun Zong, the sovereign, after all he had the supreme decision-making power on any matter. Chapter 89 Who is a sinner

    When all people were clamoring that Long Yu must be punished while looking at Baiyun…[Read more]

  • In front of a situation similar to a dead having started to move, Njal raises her voice into a scream and Pheres isn’t able to move either as she has become stiff.

    However, repelling the stretched out hand of Phegor by kicking it from the side, it doesn’t reach Njal.

    "The barrier was finally broken, huh?" (Hifumi)

    Hifumi, who was the one…[Read more]

  • Furthermore… The Honorable Sir Tianqi wrinkled his eyebrows in amazement.

    This little girl has an extremely vast spiritual ocean? Even though her bottlenecks were non-existent due to the size of her spiritual ocean, how was she able to breakthrough to Martial King at such a young age?

    A genius, this little girl was certainly a…[Read more]

  • This was a sign that his origin vortex was reaching its limits and could no longer accommodate any more origin power. The next step was to open up a second origin vortex in order to keep up with his growing origin power. Qianye would reach rank-eleven pretty soon.

    It was only a single level advancement, but Qianye’s origin power was so dense…[Read more]

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