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    This was a sign that his origin vortex was reaching its limits and could no longer accommodate any more origin power. The next step was to open up a second origin vortex in order to keep up with his growing origin power. Qianye would reach rank-eleven pretty soon.

    It was only a single level advancement, but Qianye’s origin power was so dense that it was already forming crystalline granules. The addition of a new origin vortex would increase his energy capacity to several times than that of an ordinary champion.

    Qianye was in no rush since his advancement was sure to occur naturally at this point. He pressed on into the depths of Misty Wood where his defensive region was.

    Qianye’s trip this time lasted a full twenty hours. He paused quite often and cultivated whenever there was a safe area. After drinking countless bottles of tree sap, a new fledgling vortex was beginning to take shape and was on the verge of completion.

    The Misty Wood was the same as before-those seemingly quiet giant trees, the odd-colored ground substance, and the constant, disruptive mist. Even with ten or so days of combat experience here, Qianye still needed to use special origin equipment to adjust his route from time to time. Otherwise, he would gradually lose his bearing.

    He came to a sudden stop. This time, he didn’t need any aid to feel the increasing sense of danger.

    "That can’t be…" Qianye, who had been traveling and cultivating at the same time, felt rather unhappy at being disturbed. He drew the Twin Flowers and fired continuously into the mist.

    Previous Chapter

    Next Chapter Everyone on the defense wall of St. Petersburg looked up.

    Just like what that warrior said, even though the massive amount of energy waves were exploding and tearing the dark sky apart, creating spatial gaps that fixed themselves in a split second, that figure in the silver energy sphere wasn’t harmed. Even though an area of tens of square kilometers in the sky was turned into a death zone, that master was still moving forward as if he was casually swimming through an ocean of sharks.

    This man easily got through that death zone and quickly approached the defense wall.

    Everyone on the defense wall was shocked.

    "How powerful is he? What level is he on? How could he get around the terrifying attack this easily? Is he a Sun-Class Lord?" they thought.

    "What are you guys standing around for? Quick! Attack again!" A Seven-Star Warrior shouted on the defense wall, and his voice resonated in the sky like a thunder. He woke everyone up from the shock, and the warriors and mages started to attack again, resulting in a giant pool of energy reappearing in the sky.

    At this moment, changes occurred.

    A roar sounded in the sky and resonated in the area. It was so loud that people felt like their heads were dizzy and their visions were blurry. "I’m King Alexander of Chambord. I’m here only for Andrew Arshavin and don’t want to attack the city. Anyone who dares to attack me again shall bear the consequences!"


    -In a stone palace that was the headquarters of the Imperial Patrol-

    Second Prince Dominguez who was resting on a bamboo chair with the little disabled dog, Oka, in his arms suddenly opened his eyes. Under the light-yellow light, the shocked expression on his face looked clear.

    "Eh? Such a powerful sensation…… Someone is attacking the Capital? Who is it? Who dares to do such a thing? Could it be……?" A figure suddenly appeared in this handsome prince’s mind, and a name jumped out of his mouth subconsciously. "Could it be…… the King of Chambord?!"

    In the recent few days, Crown Prince Arshavin who earned fame and influence through the wars had been plotting against the King Alexander of Chambord. This was a known fact in St. Petersburg, and many nobles and influential figures had been counting down the King of Chambord’s doomsday.

    However, Second Prince Dominguez and his henchmen decided to stand by Fei’s side for some reason.

    Especially Dominguez’s No.1 Advisor, [Demonic Woman] Paris, and his most loyal follower, [Red Beard] Granello; they had been vocal in their support toward the King of Chambord in various situations, and they used the power of Second Prince Dominguez to interrupt and delay the Imperial Military Headquarters’ plan in interrogating the commanders such as Shevchenko, Reye, Huerk, Kanort, and Cindy in the [Wolf Teeth Legion]. Their words and their actions showed everyone that they were on the side of King Alexander.

    The current situation wasn’t in favor of Second Prince Dominguez. His influence had been decreasing drastically ever since Crown Prince Arshavin got the victories in the wars against the Spartax Empire and the Eindhoven Empire. Therefore, a lot of people didn’t understand why this prince was trying his best to help a little king who was doomed from the beginning, just like how people didn’t understand why Crown Prince Arshavin was determined to take out a talented young man like King Alexander of Chambord.

    All kinds of rumors were being passed around.

    Some people were saying that [Demonic Woman] Paris fell in love with the young king, but others stated that the person who fell for the King of Chambord was Second Prince Dominguez. After all, it was rumored in the past that Second Prince Dominguez who was extremely handsome was into men.

    After hearing Dominguez’s gasp, Paris who was picking the petals off a rose on a chair suddenly straightened her back, and glares suddenly appeared in her eyes. She stood up, walked to the window, and stared into dark sky in her long white dress. As if she thought about something, she nodded and smiled. "Perhaps it is him, but it could also be someone else…… One thing is for sure – when that man goes crazy, he is daring enough to do such a thing!"

    [Red Beard] Granello stood behind Second Prince Dominguez quietly. However, bright lights were flashing in his eyes, and it showed that this person who controlled the Imperial Patrol in the Capital wasn’t calm on the inside as he appeared on the outside.

    In the huge black tower that was surrounded and protected by ten smaller black towers, there was a tall man who was sitting down on a chair. He had short, blond hair, and his brows were sharp like knives.

    He suddenly opened his eyes and stopped resting, and two dashes of light shot out of his eyes and pierced into the dark sky.

    "So reckless. Is someone trying to charge at the Capital alone? Hahaha, nothing this interesting had happened at St. Petersburg for a long time. Who is it? Could it be that little guy?"

    At the same time, a series of energy fluctuations appeared in the other ten towers around the central tower. It was clear that the ten Executive Knights also discovered this insane incident.

    "Guard your own towers! You guys aren’t allowed to leave unless you have my permission!"

    This man’s incontestable voice sounded in the main halls of the ten towers.

    Soon, the ten energy surges all quieted down and disappeared into the black towers.


    -Royal Palace-

    Inside the grand hall, a figure who was semi-lying down on a golden dragon throne suddenly opened his eyes, and a mystic glare appeared. Not sure what this ‘old’ emperor was thinking about, but he soon closed his eyes again.

    Then, clouds of misty golden energy enveloped the dragon throne and blocked everything off.

    The atmosphere inside the palace was like a dead lake, lacking vitality. Also, the light smell of potion and medicine floated in the air.

    Then, a series of rapid footsteps sounded outside the palace.

    A master who was wearing a golden guardian armor quickly walked into the palace and single-kneeled. He said loudly, "Your Majesty, a powerful master is charging at the Capital, and the city defense array is already activated. Your Majesty, should we initiate the royal palace’s magic array and send [Godly Dragon Guards] to hold the enemy out of the city?"

    The figure on the dragon throne didn’t respond for a long time as if he fell asleep.

    However, this master didn’t dare to urge him at all.

    After a while, this figure on the dragon throne opened his mouth and said, "Wait."


    -The Imperial Military Headquarters in St. Petersburg-

    In front of the gate of the palace that represented the supreme military power of the empire, Crown Prince Arshavin was standing there in a long black cape. As he looked at the sky in the northwest direction, a glare appeared in his eyes.

    Behind him, there were more than a dozen most powerful officials in the Imperial Military Headquarters. They were standing there humbly and surrounded the prince like stars around the moon. After all, even though Crown Prince Arshavin wasn’t the emperor yet, he already had complete control of the military power of Zenit secretly.

    Rather than flattering this young prince like usual, the officials all looked at the orange magic energy sphere with stern expressions. In fact, they were focusing on the pool of colorful energies that was dispersing into the sky in the northwest. Even though it was prettier than fireworks, it also represented insane danger and death!

    "Which one of you could tell me who that is?! How dare this person attack the Capital of our empire?" Arshavin asked without even turning his head around, and his expression wasn’t pretty.

    He wiped out the nemesis of Zenit, Spartax, and he obliterated another old opponent, Eindhoven. After that, he quickly returned to the Capital heroically and finally gained complete control of the Imperial Military Headquarters. Then, his plan was executed slowly yet steadily.

    This was the time for him to establish prestige and dominance, making the final charge at the throne. However, this incident that was super rare occurred. Even if the intruder were eliminated, this was already a huge disgrace to the Imperial Military Headquarters and the troops.

    Now, Arshavin’s political enemies who were suppressed to an extreme degree could use this fact to attack him.

    The officials in the Imperial Military Headquarters looked at each other and couldn’t answer Arshavin’s question.

    They got nothing. After all, their intelligence network didn’t get any information on this prior.

    "This is disappointing, could you……" Crown Prince Arshavin couldn’t help but scold.

    However, before he could finish, something happened!

    "I’m King Alexander of Chambord. I’m here only for Andrew Arshavin and don’t want to attack the city. Anyone who dares to attack me again shall bear the consequences!"

    This loud roar sounded in the sky like thunder, and it interrupted Arshavin. This voice easily penetrated through the orange magic array and sounded by everyone’s ear clearly, making their heads buzz.

    Arshavin gaped and couldn’t finish his sentence.

    The officials behind him were stunned as well. Their expressions froze on their faces, and they looked at Crown Prince Arshavin and didn’t know if they should laugh or cry.

    P.S. A big shout out to Kieran T., Alan J., and Adam S. Thanks for the support on Patreon! Your advanced access invitations should be sent already! "Oh! This mysterious and powerful master is the King Alexander of Chambord who is praised by half of the people and slandered by the other half. Also, he is charging at the Capital because of Crown Prince Arshavin. Attacking the Capital is already a big crime on its own, and he is also calling the Crown Prince by name," people thought.

    For the last while, the rumor of battles between the Crown Prince and the King of Chambord got spread around, and even the regular people in St. Petersburg knew about it.

    Now with Fei’s sudden appearance, this rumor was solidified, and people knew that the two young men were like water and fire; they couldn’t co-exist in the same space.

    "What did Crown Prince Arshavin do? He provoked the King of Chambord so much that this young king traveled to the Capital at this time during the night……"

    The thing that shocked the people the most was Fei’s strength.

    "When did the King of Chambord get this strong? He is able to dodge the attack of tens of thousands of masters as well as magic arrays, and he is flying in mid-air…… Half a year ago during the affiliated kingdom competition, the King of Chambord was only a Six-Star Warrior. In only six months, he got to Moon-Class?" they thought.

    Reboot Some people already knew about this, but it was still shocking to most people who didn’t know. After all, the news and information couldn’t be passed around that fast in this world.

    "If the King of Chambord has enough time, he could potentially become a supreme warrior. Too bad…… He is too young…… What he is doing right now is too impulsive. Charging at the Capital is something that couldn’t be forgiven. The power of the royal family could easily defeat him, and the ending for the King of Chambord couldn’t be anything else but death!" This was the thought that was on most people’s minds.


    -On the defense wall of St. Petersburg-

    After Fei shouted, some of the masters decided to stop attacking.

    "The King of Chambord is one of the few young talents in the empire, and it was rumored that he captured the murderers of Martial Saint Krasic. Also, he was able to fend off the enemies of Jax using a legion of lousy soldiers, buying empire the time to deal with the Spartax Empire and the Eindhoven Empire. Since he is a person of honor and merit, and he is not attacking the Capital, we don’t need to block him."

    However, other people didn’t think that way.

    "Doesn’t matter what, flying above the Capital is strictly forbidden. The King of Chambord is at a place of no return!"

    To the people on the side of Crown Prince Arshavin, this was the best opportunity for them to eliminate the King of Chambord. Therefore, some master already shouted, commanding soldiers and others around them to attack Fei again.

    Various energy surges appeared in the sky again like colorful flames, and they dashed at Fei ferociously.

    "Damn it! Damn you, the King of Chambord…… I’m still…… Eh, I’m dead for sure!" Special Envoy Mathewson who was being held by Fei couldn’t get away, and he quickly closed his eyes as the dashes of energies rushed toward them. He got scared, and he quickly cursed Fei in his mind.

    At this critical moment, Fei sped up even more and descend toward the city.

    It felt like he couldn’t wait to collide with the attack that combined the power of many masters in St. Petersburg.

    "He is seeking his death!"

    Just as everyone thought that the King of Chambord was crazy, something mystic happened. A series of silver ripples appeared in the air, and a mysterious stone throne appeared under the king. This throne had beautiful engravings on it, and there were warriors and goddess statues around it, making it look like the throne that belonged to the king of gods!

    Under the protection of this mysterious throne, the King of Chambord blinked and instantly disappeared.

    "Disap…… disappeared?"

    "What happened? Did he escape?"

    "That stone throne…… What is that? Why did I feel a holy and inviolable sensation from it?"

    The masters on the defense wall all sensed a strange atmosphere. The disappearance of the King of Chambord gave them an ominous feeling, and that strange throne shocked them.

    At this moment, someone shouted, "Look there! He is there! Unbelievable! How did he do it? He directly passed through the defensive energy sphere of the city. Could…… Is this the teleportation ability of Sun-Class Lords? Teleportation?"

    It was a Six-Star Warrior, and he was pointing at a location behind the defense wall and under the protection of the grand protective magic array of the city. As he shouted those words, a terrified expression appeared on his face.

    Everyone turned around, and they were stunned by what they saw.

    "The King of Chambord…… He dodged everyone’s attack, and he quietly passed through the defensive energy sphere of the city, appearing in the sky of St. Petersburg which is inside layer of protections. This is truly shocking! Even the legendary Sun-Class Lords who are invincible couldn’t achieve this, this easily, right?" people thought.

    After the King of Chambord smoothly went through layers of protection, everyone got nervous.

    Right now, St. Petersburg was like a girl who was naked, and it couldn’t defend itself very well. At this moment, even a Moon-Class Elite could cause a disaster at the city.

    As everyone was surprised, another series of ripples appeared in the sky. The King of Chambord and his mysterious throne disappeared again.

    In the next second, Fei appeared above the Imperial Military Headquarters.

    [The Throne of Chaos] was floating 1,000 meters above the ground gracefully and elegantly, and Fei was standing on it like a god who was in the clouds. As he looked down, two beams of silver light dashed out of his eyes, pierced through the darkness, and enveloped the figure who was standing in front of the palace in a black cape and robe.

    "How dare you be so reckless in front of Crown Prince His Highness?"

    Someone shouted on the ground, and more than a dozen huge magic arrows were shot toward Fei using magic military crossbows.