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    Furthermore… The Honorable Sir Tianqi wrinkled his eyebrows in amazement.

    This little girl has an extremely vast spiritual ocean? Even though her bottlenecks were non-existent due to the size of her spiritual ocean, how was she able to breakthrough to Martial King at such a young age?

    A genius, this little girl was certainly a genius!

    As he was looking at this, the Honorable Sir Tianqi had completely forgotten about his fight with the Honorable Poison Master. His eyes sparkled as he watched Gu Ruoyun and thought, if I can convince this little girl to join the Spirit Sect, our younger disciples will far exceed the other two organizations in the future.

    "Hmph!" The Honorable Poison Master coldly scoffed. He shot a frosty glare at Honorable Sir Tianqi. Then, his gaze fell upon Gu Ruoyun and his eyes darted back and forth. He slowly opened his mouth to speak, "Little girl, would you be willing to become my disciple?"

    His voice was just as creepy as before but it was far more gentle when compared with his manner of speech to the Honorable Sir Tianqi.

    The Honorable Sir Tianqi was enraged with his move, it’s bad enough that this fellow had been chasing him around and was trying to kill him, he’s even now trying to snatch this little girl away from him. That man simply has no principles!

    No. I had my eye on this little girl, no one else is allowed to take her from me.

    "Little girl, this guy looks f*cking wretched, you can tell that he’s not a good person with one look. Follow me instead for I’m a righteous and kind man."


    Honorable Poison Master snorted in ridicule, "Righteous and kind? Yes, you’re righteous all right, not only do you enjoy going to brothels to peep on girls as they bathe, you even enjoy lifting the skirts of young girls. I’ve never seen such a righteous and kind person."


    The Honorable Sir Tianqi thought furiously, now this fellow dares to expose me! He’s obviously trying to snatch my disciple away from me!

    "Really? But there was one time when I was hunting you down and I happened to see a group of people chasing you, trying to beat you up. Then I overheard that you had lifted the skirt of the Lady of the house and ended up being pursued by their servants." "I… I was being nice. I was only trying to help that young girl by giving her body a check-up," The Honorable Sir Tianqi turned very red in the face and glared fiercely at the Honorable Poison Master. "Besides, you’re not all that great either, you shameless, homosexual b*stard! If this little girl were to follow you instead, I wouldn’t be able to rest easy."

    The Honorable Poison Master sneered, "It’s because of the fact that I’m a homosexual that she would most definitely be safe with me."

    "You…" The Honorable Sir Tianqi sputtered in anger. He then turned to Gu Ruoyun and asked her, "Little girl, we’ve both taken a fancy to you so you should make the decision. With whom would you like join as a disciple? Anyone who loses is not allowed to retaliate!"

    He believed that Gu Ruoyun would naturally choose him. After all, the other fellow looked extremely creepy and was covered with poisonous gas from head to toe, he’s totally unsafe.

    "About that…" Gu Ruoyun rubbed her nose, "I already have a master so I don’t think I’d need another teacher."


    The Honorable Poison Master laughed mockingly then glanced at the disappointed-looking Honorable Sir Tianqi, "Did you hear that? This little girl does not like me nor does she like you. So what if you’re from the Spirit Sect? Do you really think that you’re on a higher level from us all? This little girl is gifted and her future will certainly be like a dragon out in the ocean. When that time comes, neither of us would have the right to be her teacher."

    "You shut up!" The Honorable Sir Tianqi glared angrily at the Honorable Poison Master before turning to Gu Ruoyun again, "Little girl, I have a very good impression of you. If anyone tries to harm you in the future, simply mention my name – Honorable Sir Tianqi, and no one will dare to touch you again."

    Gu Ruoyun giggled, "Thank you for your good intentions, Honorable Sir Tianqi. We may not be master and apprentice, but we can still be friends, am I right?"


    Honorable Sir Tianqi laughed and nodded his head in satisfaction, "That’s right, that’s right. Then I now have one more longtime friend. This wasn’t a bad decision at all. Little girl, don’t forget to visit me at the Spirit Sect when you have the time."

    "Hehe," The Honorable Poison Master cackled, "You’re hardly ever in the Spirit Sect all year round. Were you expecting the little girl to draw blanks? Besides, I won’t let you live for very much longer! Little girl, here’s my token. Seeing this is equivalent to seeing me in the flesh. You can also communicate with me through this token. Should you ever be in danger, you can use this to summon me. I’ll definitely help you out as much as I can."

    I have a feeling that this little girl is not a thing from the pool, he thought. It’s better to establish a good relationship now so I will have a strong alliance in the future. I’m quite excited to see how this girl can change the course of this mainland.

    The era where the Three Great Authorities govern the West Spirit Mainland will soon come to an end.

    Hence, after some thought, the Honorable Poison Master continued, "Oh right. Little girl, in the future, when the organization you’ve established far surpasses the Three Great Authorities, don’t forget to leave me a spot as your elder minister. I’ll certainly join you."

    "I certainly will."

    Gu Ruoyun smiled, if a strong cultivator like the Honorable Poison Master were to join the Devil Sect, then they would be at the pinnacle of supremacy in West Spirit Mainland.

    The Honorable Sir Tianqi rolled his eyes but said nothing more. He smiled at Gu Ruoyun, "Little girl, since the Honorable Poison Master has given you his token, then I shall do the same. This jade pendant is from my Spirit Sect. If anyone tries to give you trouble, use this, and it will mobilize the members of the Spirit Sect."

    "Little girl, do not be deceived by him. That token belongs to the elder of the Spirit Sect. If you take it, you will become an elder of the Spirit Sect." The Honorable Poison Master chimed in, completely disregarding the Honorable Sir Tianqi’s reputation. "Honorable Poison Master, you are mistaken. This is not the token of the Spirit Sect’s elder. It’s the token of a registered elder. This means that she would only be an elder in name, but not carry any of the responsibilities. I know that you’ve seen through this little girl’s innate talent. So have I. Who would refuse the opportunity to have another powerful friend? Besides, once she’d grown stronger, she’ll certainly bring great benefits for the mainland. Furthermore, one of the mandatory responsibilities of the Three Great Authorities is to find talented geniuses and provide them with opportunities to grow."

    The Honorable Sir Tianqi curled his lip and thought, from my observation, this little girl doesn’t seem to be the kind of person who would accept restrictions. How could I restrict her to the Spirit Sect? I will give her absolute freedom and allow her to grow as fast as she can.

    Furthermore, she would not believe that growing up in a world outside of the Spirit Sect could be any worse than being in the Spirit Sect itself! This was different for every individual. For example, she has been able to grow in strength to such a degree in the outside world. Hence, this proves that growing in the world outside suits her better.

    A bird locked in a cage would turn into a canary and will never be able to fly any higher. It can only be an object of admiration.

    "Thank you very much," Gu Ruoyun kept the tokens and seemed to remember something. She turned to the Honorable Poison Master and asked, "Honorable Poison Master, I have something to ask you."

    "Ask away." The Honorable Poison Master’s eerie face broke into a smile and his voice grew warmer.

    "How are you connected to the Xia Family of Heaven City?"

    It was a question that she had always wanted to ask because based on Master Xia’s earlier reaction, she knew that the poison in Xia Zixi had come from the Honorable Poison Master. So he’d know the person who was responsible for poisoning Xia Zixi.

    "The Xia Family of Heaven City?" Honorable Poison Master wrinkled his brows and shook his head, "I’ve never had dealings with the Xia Family, why do you ask?"

    "Oh, nothing much… Except that the Young Master of the Xia Family, Xia Zixi was recently poisoned and the poison which had infected him was a parasite dragon. I’ve heard that only the Poison Master, Tian Gu would have such a thing. So I wanted to ask you, Honorable Poison Master, to whom did you give this parasite dragon to?"

    The Honorable Poison Master paused in silence, then replied, "That happened many years ago. I had only just broken through to the ranks of a mid-level Martial Emperor. I was constantly being hunted as I had offended too many people. At the time, I was seriously injured and a young man saved my life. That young man never told me his name. So in my gratitude, I gave him two things – one was the parasite dragon and another… Was the soul-snatching parasite."

    The soul-snatching parasite was a kind of parasite that needs to feed on human life to survive. This was the reason behind the previous Little Master Xia’s poor health and inability to cultivate. After consuming the life of its host, the soul-snatching parasite will also die (as there would be no more life in the host for it to feed on). Hence, when Gu Ruoyun’s brother was reborn into Little Master Xia’s body, he was able to cultivate once more.

    "Do you still remember how he looked like?" Gu Ruoyun asked as a light flashed across her eyes.

    "It was a long time ago and I’m sure that his looks would have changed. But I should be able to recognize him, more or less."

    "Good," Gu Ruoyun nodded her head, "Can I ask you for a favor? In half a month’s time, please come to Heaven City and help me testify against the culprit behind the poison!"

    "I have no problem with that." The Honorable Poison Master replied casually. Even though the man had once come to my rescue, he thought, I’ve already repaid him for his goodwill. And we have lost contact ever since. So what would it matter if I testified against him?

    "Then I thank you very, very much." Gu Ruoyun joined her fists and bowed with a smile, "I still want to explore Heaven Mountain a little more. I won’t stand in the way of your flirtatious banter. Let’s go, Moyu!"

    Flirtatious banter?

    Upon hearing this, the faces of both old men turned extremely black. The Honorable Poison Master screamed angrily,"Honorable Sir Tianqi, I’m going to kill you!"

    "What… What does this have to do with me!!!"

    The Honorable Sir Tianqi was outraged, he didn’t do anything and this guy was screaming bloody murder and threatening to kill him, can’t he give it a rest? Forget about it, there is no way out except hiding oneself away to escape.

    The Honorable Sir Tianqi hurriedly ran in the opposite direction at the thought of this without even bothering to look at the Honorable Poison Master’s ugly expression.

    Three days and three nights would not be enough to finish my fight with this Honorable Poison Master. It’s best to peep at a few young ladies in the bathroom. That’s certainly more appealing than facing that dried-up old tree bark! "This looks like the deepest part of Heaven Mountain? Mmm, that’s…"

    A glint of light flashed through Gu Ruoyun’s eyes. She stared in surprise at the otherworldly utopia before her and excitement slowly grew in her eyes. Then her gaze focused on the swirling milky-white spring water.

    "It’s a holy spirit stone. It’s said that only one holy spirit stone will appear in every bottomless holy spirit water. Yet now, there are so many of them."

    Suddenly, a demonic purple figure appeared next to Gu Ruoyun. Zixie’s lips curled coquettishly as his demonic purple eyes observed the nearby spring water. A sense of seriousness graced his handsome face.

    Moyu and everyone else was stunned. Where did this guy come from? they wondered. Their hair stood on end from the moment they laid eyes on Zixie. They were immediately on guard, this was a completely different situation from when they had threatened Hong Yun.

    "It seems that these really are holy spirit stones."

    Gu Ruoyun took a deep breath, forcing herself to suppress her excitement and surprise. She did not dare to act recklessly as it simply made no sense that no powerful cultivator had claimed these tempting objects in Heaven Mountain.

    Hence, it was crucial for them to be extra vigilant.

    "Master, what are holy spirit stones?" Moyu asked, blinking her eyes.

    Gu Ruoyun looked up and replied softly, "Holy spirit water, according to legend, just one drop of it will allow a high-level Martial General to immediately reach the ranks of a mid-level Martial King. These holy spirit stones are even more precious. Out of over ten thousand holy spirit lakes, only one holy spirit stone would appear. Yet this spring water is filled with holy spirit stones. Should anyone consume a holy spirit stone, they would be able to rise above countless levels instantly. Such is the power of a holy spirit stone. However, your ranks are far too low at the moment and if you were to consume a holy spirit stone, you will explode and die. You can only use external forces to help your body digest the holy spirit stone once you have broken through to the ranks of a Martial Emperor."

    Holy spirit stones have their advantages and disadvantages. There may not be side effects, nor will they cause instability in your foundation. But, one false move and you could explode from the power within the stone.

    Moyu concentrated her gaze on the holy spirit stone and just as she was about to step forward, she heard Gu Ruoyun’s voice, "Wait a minute."

    Moyu immediately paused in her steps and turned her head in astonishment towards Gu Ruoyun, "Master?"

    "Moyu, get out of the way, hurry!!!"

    Gu Ruoyun screamed as her expression suddenly changed. She quickly rushed towards Moyu.

    Before Moyu could make sense of the situation, a loud bang was heard, and an enormous dragon burst from within the holy spirit stone spring, charging towards the sky. Its loud roar shook the entire mountain range and it aimed its large claws towards Moyu.


    Gu Ruoyun quickly threw herself onto Moyu, sending her body crashing onto the ground. In that moment, the claws tore through the sky and landed on the ground. A deep chasm appeared from where Moyu had stood.

    Moyu was in shock, if her Master had not risked her life to save her, she would’ve been…

    As she thought of the consequences, Moyu’s back was drenched in a layer of cold sweat. She felt immense gratitude towards Gu Ruoyun. She was only a protector of the Devil Sect and there were many more powerful cultivators by her Master’s side.

    However, even so, my Master has never given up on me, she thought. If my Master did not react in time, the dragon’s claw would have killed the both of us. Yan frowned and stared at Gu Ruoyun in confusion.

    Aren’t humans naturally selfish and treacherous? He wondered. Why would she risk such danger just to save her subordinate? I simply cannot understand this woman’s mind.

    After some thought, Yan shook his head then found a comfortable spot to lie down, watching the grim scene with his eyes half closed.

    "A pale dragon?"

    Gu Ruoyun straightened herself up and turned towards the pure white dragon in the sky. It had the same coloring as the holy spirit stones and its scales looked like crystals, brilliant and glittering, one could not help but want to caress it.

    Except that the eyes of the pale dragon were ferocious and cruel, it had a kind of power that could bring about the Armageddon.

    A Good-for-Nothing "So what if it’s a pale dragon?" Gu Ruoyun smiled, staring at the pale dragon with bright, shining eyes, "Coincidentally, the medication needed to help the Azure Dragon required the eye of a dragon! Zixie, we’re going to slaughter a dragon this time!"

    This was certainly a case of traveling far and wide to look for something only to find it easily. She had not expected that there would be so many treasures in Heaven Mountain. Not only has she obtained many valuable medicinal herbs, she also found a holy spirit spring water. Now, even the eye of a dragon was within her grasp…

    "Roar!" The pale dragon roared angrily. These low, petty humans dare interfere with my coercion, such a crime should be punished with death! He slowly opened his mouth and gathered a powerful windstorm from within. It was a strong blast of wind and all of it was aimed towards Gu Ruoyun.

    The windstorm was like a cyclone. Not an inch of land was spared in its attack, leaving Moyu and everyone else breathless in its coercion. Their faces began to turn pale.

    "A mere little pale dragon, yet it dares to show off."

    Zixie finally reacted and he stepped to the front. A blast of coercion unlike the pale dragon’s erupted from his body and the windstorm attacking them disappeared into the void with a loud bang.

    Moyu and the rest could finally breathe. Their foreheads were drenched with sweat and they stared at the man in front of them with astonishment.

    Wasn’t this man the Master’s teacher? He’s extremely strong! His powers are no less than those of the Honorable Sir Tian Qi and the Honorable Poison Master. Why, he might even be more powerful than the both of them.

    No wonder the Master had rejected both their offers for apprenticeship. It’s because her own Master was far more powerful and much younger. His future would be wider.

    "Roar!" The pale dragon was enraged. Its enormous body was like a great mountain as it threw itself forcefully on Zixie. Just as Zixie was about to attack, a calm voice filled with absolute decisiveness spoke up next to him.

    "Zixie, I’ve told you. This time, we will both slaughter the dragon. I can’t always be relying on you and cannot depend on you to solve all my problems. Otherwise, how can I grow stronger? So let us fight alongside one another. You are not my weapon of war but my partner."

    To humans, a spiritual animal, besides being a treasured possession, was also a form of defense in times of danger.

    However, in her heart, they are her friends who stand beside her. Even though Zixie was extremely powerful, she cannot wait for him to help solve her problems. Otherwise, if Zixie were not here today, we would most likely have died under the pale dragon’s claw.

    I do not want this sort of greatness!

    Yan, whose eyes were initially half closed, overheard Gu Ruoyun’s conversation and widened his eyes. He stared at Gu Ruoyun like she were some form of oddity, as if he had just seen something unbelievable… "This human girl is rather interesting. But humans are humans. My opinion of their maliciousness will not change simply because of this one small matter."

    He will never forget how the humans had cruelly slaughtered them all those years ago, dyeing the entire spiritual beast mountain range with blood. The high spiritual beast mountain range had been littered with the bodies of spiritual animals.

    If that man had not appeared, it’s highly likely that not even a single spiritual beast would be left in the East Peak Mainland. Since then, the entire race (of spiritual beasts) vowed eternal loyalty and devotion to that man…

    But the god-like man then suddenly disappeared, even his scent vanished from the East Peak Mainland. The spiritual beasts of East Peak Mainland have searched for him far and wide yet could not find him at all.

    However, a few years ago, the man’s scent had reappeared. But not in the East Peak Mainland, rather, it had appeared on this mainland where Yan arrived. Not only was Yan running for his life, but because the animal race had confirmed it, their king was now somewhere on this mainland…

    "Very well."