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    "Kill this criminal directly, there is no need to pronounce any judgment!"

    In the loud noise, almost all people looked at the vision of Baiyun Zong, the sovereign, after all he had the supreme decision-making power on any matter. Chapter 89 Who is a sinner

    When all people were clamoring that Long Yu must be punished while looking at Baiyun Zong, at that time, there was a faint smile on his face.

    He rubbed his mustache with one hand and looked to Elder Yu Shuiyun who was dressed in black robe. At that time, there was a happy expression on his face.

    "Elder Yu, I think, it would be appropriate if you announce now about who is a sinner!"

    Baiyun Zong said with a smile. This brought a scowl on the face of Wu Jianxin and a puzzled expression appeared on his face.

    Just when he and Baiyun Zong reached an agreement, and obviously came out to punish Long Yu, moreover Baiyun Zong also agreed to it. Then now, why did Baiyun Zong allow Elder Yu to speak on this matter?

    Looking at the smile on Baiyun Zong’s face, Wu Jianxin suddenly felt that he was very likely to be fooled by this fellow!

    However, he did not think that Elder Yu could be able to put out the things that were to come.

    He thought that in such a short time even if Long Yu would have been able to acquire dragon head grass in the Teng snake abyss, in order to use it on Elder Yu to restore his intelligence, still it was almost impossible to obtain an evidence regarding his collusion with Wu Li.

    He and Wu Li recently met only once, and that meeting place was near the dead body of the giant poisonous snake on the river side.

    "That giant poisonous snake was actually a Zhenling realm beast, so naturally it would have not been killed by Long Yu. So it could be said that it was impossible for Long Yu and Elder Yu to be present at that time in the vicinity of the river…………"

    At that time, Wu Jianxin’s mind was extremely disturbed and he knew it quite well that it was really a critical moment for him.

    He looked at Elder Yu and firmly set his mind that so long as Elder Yu would not produce ample evidence, he would not acknowledge anything!

    "The toxin present in his body was due to the injury caused by the attack of the disciples of Qiansi Sect and this highly poisonous toxin will remain in his body for four days. But in this short time of four days, could it be possible for anyone to go to Teng snake abyss to find Yu Gan flower to spend on Elder Yu to cure him?"

    Wu Jianxin thought this in his heart. He then looked at Elder Yu in such a manner as if he wanted to see him dead!

    At this moment, over a thousand of disciples of Zhentian Sect gathered at the outside of the main waiting hall of the Sect, and they all were really anxious to think that this Long Yu who came to Zhentian Sect to make many records, would he really be put to death shortly?

    Why did he actually abduct Elder Yu? What exactly did he want to do with Elder Yu?

    These were the things that all surrounding people wanted to know!

    "Who is a sinner? I think most of the disciples of Zhentian Sect think that Long Yu is a sinner, he wanted to abduct me, his intention was illegal!"

    Elder Yu Shuiyun calmly said that. At that time, he was in a black robe and was standing firmly.

    "Isn’t this true?"

    Wu Jianxin snorted loudly: "However, I know that there has been some hatred between you and elder Wu Li of Knife Cut Sect!"

    As these words came out, many people had started doubting about this thing. How could this matter go up to Knife Cut Sect?

    Knife Cut Sect was one of the seven large sects of Tang state, and the disciples of Zhentian Sect obviously heard of it and were not unfamiliar with it.

    They couldn’t think that Elder Yu Shuiyun had actually some grudges with elder Wu Li of Knife Cut Sect!

    "I and Wu Li have some grudges, so what?"

    Yu Shuiyun did not hurry, he asked with interest.

    "Yu Shuiyun, this, Wu Li might have planned to hurt you."

    Wu Jianxin said and while looking at Long Yu he again said fiercely: "And according to my investigation, Long Yu is an accomplice of that Wu Li."

    As the words went out, there was an uproar in the audience.

    Long Yu unexpectedly turned out to be an accomplice of Knife Cut Sect elder Wu Li, to kill Elder Yu?

    "Damn, so this evil doer, shouldn’t remain in the world!"

    "Colludes even with the people of other sect to kill our elder, the crime can’t be redeemed!"

    "Can’t think that this Long Yu can be such person unexpectedly, before I thought him as a genius, who knows that he is actually a scouring!"

    Many people made noise glaring towards Long Yu!

    "Long Yu!"

    And beside Long Yu, the disciple of Elder Yu, Lu Guan Ming angrily stared at him and said: "You actually colluded with an outsider, with a view to hurt my teacher, I’ll kill you!"

    "Your talent is good, your loyalty is praiseworthy, but unfortunately you don’t use your brain properly."

    Long Yu looked at this black face man with one eye and said lightly.

    "What did you say?"

    Lu Guan Ming turned to be more and more angry. He wanted to take some action against Long Yu, but he saw that Elder Yu turned back and severely stared at him.

    Seeing this stare of Elder Yu, Lu Guan Ming suddenly calmed down as a defeated cock and no longer dared to say even a word.

    "Long Yu!"

    At this time, an anxious female voice came from one the side of the field followed by a tender figure rushing out from the crowd and galloping towards the place where Long Yu was standing.

    "Liao Lele?"

    Long Yu heard the voice and turned his head back to see.

    Really, when he turned his head and saw Liao Lele coming towards him. At that time, she was looking extremely beautiful in a blue dress, but there was an anxious look in her eyes, still she was looking simply adorable.

    For several days, Liao Lele had been worrying about something to go bad!

    Although, the old white had consoled her that nothing wrong would happen to Long Yu. But, she was unable to control her concern for Long Yu.

    She heard a moment ago that Long Yu came back to the Sect and she couldn’t wait and ran over to this place and here, Wu Jianxin announced in the main waiting hall that Long Yu was in collusion with elder Wu Li of Knife Cut Sect!

    This was, however, a heinous crime and betrayal of the Sect, so Liao Lele rushed out of the crowd and moved towards Long Yu.

    "Are you really in a collusion with Wu Li?"

    Liao Lele went around Long Yu and stared at him bitterly.

    "What do you think?"

    Long Yu asked back.

    "Of course, I believe you can’t."

    Liao Lele snorted lightly: "Otherwise I would not have run over to you. Or else don’t you think would not have some of the people regarded me as one of your accomplices?"


    Long Yu was speechless.

    "You have gone too far up."

    Wu Jianxin shouted in a sinking voice.

    the sex curse At this time, his heart didn’t feel happy when he saw that a female disciple actually ran to Long Yu’s side. It was simply a hit on Wu Jianxin’s face!

    "Long Yu, you colluded with Knife Cut Sect elder Wu Li and promised him to bring Elder Yu to him, and in return, he promised you to give corresponding immortality to help you to promote your martial skill."

    Wu Jianxin loudly said staring at Long Yu: "Can you acknowledge your guilt?"

    "What a joke, I, Long Yu, don’t even know Wu Li, and you fasten the charge to me."

    Long Yu laughed: "Can you actually call Wu Li and let me and him confront to have a face to face look?"

    "You are unexpectedly besotted, haven’t yet acknowledged your guilt!"

    Wu Jianxin snorted loudly: "I have concrete evidence, but if you acknowledge your guilt on your own initiative then leniency can be shown to you. If I put out the evidence of your betrayal of the Sect, there may be no way out……"

    "If you have evidence, why don’t you put it out. If I was found guilty, I will immediately commit suicide!"

    Long Yu didn’t fear from Wu Jianxin and said that straightforwardly on his face!

    "Well, Long Yu, this is not the way to speak with the elder, the tone used by you clearly shows that you have no respect for your elders in your heart. If such type of man gets any achievement in the future, it will be the evil of the Sect."

    Wu Jianxin’s face became more and more cold!

    It was beyond his imagination. He was a Sect elder and he was being repeatedly intimidated by a trivial ninth layer disciple!

    "Didn’t you just say that you have evidence?"

    Long Yu saw that Wu Jianxin was trying to shift the subject, he could not help but sneered and in turn interrogated: "If you have evidence, then why don’t you quickly come up with evidence, it will make the people not to wait for long. Otherwise, the people will laugh at you that being a Sect elder you are labeling baseless charges on me!"

    As these words went out, all the people were startled!

    No one thought that Long Yu could use such sharp words, even in front of Wu Jianxin!

    Almost all the disciples of Zhentian Sect, who originally thought that Long Yu was not a sinner, then felt that now Long Yu was finished.

    Even if Long Yu could escape this disaster, how could he be able to continue as a core disciple in the Sect peacefully?

    Now, he had offended Wu Jianxin and the future core disciples used to receive rewards from him, so he would definitely try to make things difficult for Long Yu!

    Many people felt that Long Yu was really stupid, even he dared to speak such sharp words to Wu Jianxin. .

    But Long Yu was such a guy, who simply didn’t fear anybody.

    At that time, Wu Jianxin was trembling with rage. He had not encountered such a talk with his disciples since he became the Pavilion elder of Zhentian Sect!

    He had arranged a witness that came from Knife Cut Sect and that was the first disciple of that sect!

    If that witness would come forward to prove that Long Yu was in collusion with Wu Lin, then there would be no chance for Long Yu to save his life.

    But, at that time, Wu Jianxin was a bit puzzled, because that witness had yet not returned to the Sect.

    "Ha ha"

    At this point, Elder Yu Shuiyun thought the time was almost up, and finally chuckled loudly.

    He took out the Zhenling imprinting from his sleeve and said: "The evidence, this old man has actually, but it is not the evidence of the collusion of Long Yu and Wu Li, but………"

    As his voice fell, he displayed his Zhenling imprinting and suddenly a Zhenling power condensed picture flashed in the sky over his head!

    In this picture, there appeared the shaded woods not far from a waterfall.

    Under the waterfall, a corpse of a giant poisonous snake was lying, and then two figures almost simultaneously appeared in the riverside.

    Wu Jianxin, Wu Li!

    Watching this scene Wu Jianxin immediately knew that he had been exposed, and his dark face became darker. He couldn’t think that when he actually met with Wu Li, Elder Yu was not only present at the scene, but also carved out the Zhenling imprinting of their meeting!

    "Oh, run!"

    Wu Jianxin immediately knew that it was not good for him to stay there even for a moment, so he quickly moved his footsteps and wanted to escape towards the side!

    However, Baiyun Zong was already prepared for it!

    "Young Bu Xing!"