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    SpyingBlade and the others were all stunned. Such a big stack of books, and she had finished within minutes. She had even been analysing and arranging the data while doing so. What kind of brain is that!?

    "Don’t worry about the rest for now. Let’s go in the direction the chief pointed to first." Ye Cang said looking towards the mountains in the north-west.

    ThornyRose and the others also set out towards the Black Peaks. Her party consisted of herself, DyedLily, FrozenBlood, ElegantFragrance, GreenDew, PassingBreeze, KittyKat, DemonSpirit, and the normal LittleJade.

    "Your little sister left home to live in Lin Hai with the damn lowlife?" ThornyRose’s looked at FrozenBlood with a strange expression.

    "Mm, she’s a student of Lin Hai college now, and even got an invitation to join the five schools competition team." FrozenBlood replied.

    "See, I told you that she would leave if you kept acting like that." ElegantFragrance sighed.

    "It’s fine, at least she decided on it herself instead of forcing herself at home." FrozenBlood shrugged.

    "Speaking of which, what are team leader and them doing now?" GreenDew asked curiously.

    "God knows. I heard they are the mayor of a village now. We can go take a look and get some information." ThornyRose said grouchily.

    Back to Ye Cang’s group who was heading north-west.

    Fang Ci sighed when he saw this party’s might. The rumors about Really New Village’s three brothers were not an exaggeration. The leader, Ye Cang, had terrifying magic attacks, his melee capabilities were also unbelievably good, and he even had high ranged physical damage. Brother Xiong’s tanking made him look even more fierce than the monsters. Brother Le, with his short height, swung that massive sword around, looking terrifying. Thinking that he shouldn’t be a burden, he summoned a skeleton soldier and skeleton mage. He commanded the skeleton soldier to not attack, because it couldn’t tank a single blow. Then, he took out the bones in his bag and began chanting. He did his best to contribute his share. SpyingBlade looked admiringly at Fang Ci. Not bad, this kid has pretty good judgement.

    The group crossed forests, and even discovered an exposed mining point. What made Zhang Zhengxiong happy was that the ores were all magic iron, an essential material to make gold quality equipment. Dark gold quality required magic steel which could be produced from magic iron. This was a rare find. Of course, it’s not so simple that one could make items just by finding magic iron.

    "Climbing up and down so many times is making me sick." Wu Na began to complain.

    "Eat something, and drink some water. Recover some strength before continuing." Before Ye Cang had a chance to take out his pot, Wu Na quickly began walking with everyone without lagging behind. Fang Ci broke out in cold sweat. What was that? Isn’t taking a break for some food and water good? But he didn’t ask, and just followed. Ye Cang pouted, feeling a bit unhappy. When can we rest so I can show off my new skills…

    Little Ye Tian continuously improved her map during the journey. Finally, they arrived at a jungle which covered a hill, and saw a broken stone pillar. Ye Cang walked over and wiped off the thick layer of mud, revealing a delicate flower designs.

    "This should be the place." Little Ye Tian said, surveying the area.

    SpyingBlade walked up, then went downhill, "This way…"

    Everyone quickly rushed after SpyingBlade. Following the hill downwards, the area became a swamp. In the distance, they could vaguely make out what was probably rubble. Although it was covered in vegetation, but they could still tell it wasn’t natural.

    "Let’s go down." Ye Cang took the lead to scurry down the forested hill. Everyone followed.

    Ye Cang suddenly stopped. Everyone looked at him doubtfully, but they soon also felt the unnatural chill in the air.

    Little Ye Tian looked at the moss covered ruins, and the nearby skeleton. It looked like the skeleton of a Rock Boar. This must be the place the old chief was talking about.

    "Wait, it must be dangerous. Let’s back up first and buff up before continuing." Ye Cang said seriously. He made everyone walk back to some flat ground partway up the hill. Everyone pointed out that they had dark gold weapons, so they didn’t need food buffs, but Ye Cang was determined, saying that one must take every precaution, which was hard to retort.

    Everyone listened as he sang a little song. The contents were more or less about him learning a new cooking skill and how proud he was. Then they saw him preparing the ingredients, it seems like he was going to make something abnormal. They all trembled and their hearts screamed. You said so many things to convince us just so you can conduct your biochemistry experiments!

    Zhang ZhengXiong skillfully and helplessly started the fire. Lin Le had his palms together in prayer. Little Ren was so scared that he was in fetal position, shaking like a little girl. Fang Ci wiped his cold sweat. What kind of reaction is that? Wu Na looked at Fang Ci’s perplexed expression, and recalled her first time. With a heavy sigh and sincere expression, she patted his shoulder. "Just endure it." Chapter 311: Marshwalker

    "I will combine all the cooking knowledge that I have accumulated!" Ye Cang began to use the flour he bought from Black Rock Village. He used slime gel to substitute for eggs. Meanwhile, there were three iron pots. One was skeletal demon, zombie fluid, specter residue, two types of slime gel and eyes, stink shroom, leisurely ratten. This was the soup for the noodles. Another pot was boiling water. Beside it was some unknown animal and vegetables turned into dried goods. The final pot was for deep frying. Ye Cang fried wolf meat and maggot meat together, covered in his secret powder. He even made a mystery dessert. The skeletal demon bones were crushed into mystery flakes. He was joyfully busy, but to the others, this was far from being a heartwarming scene.

    The surrounding people’s expression became increasingly grave. Various stinks floated around around their heads, intruding into their stomachs and minds. Every part of their body, even their blood, was screaming at them, warning of danger. They were trembling from head to toe.

    Finally, everyone saw Ye Cang wipe his hands, pinch his nose, and remove the lids. There was a big pot of ramen, a big pot of tea, a big plate of deep fried meat, and a big plate of so called ‘Secret Skeletal Demon Flakes’ thing. It seems like he had made a set meal. He even excitedly said, "Although it didn’t come out exactly as I expected, but let’s all try it. It’ll definitely taste very good. Also, I have serious news!! I’ve leveled it up! Cooking has reached advanced level!! Eat up."

    Everyone couldn’t even pretend to be happy. Along with his skill level, the disgust level was also steadily increasing. This was a set meal that could make the bravest of people shudder. Fang Ci wiped his sweat, and looked around. Everyone was pinching their noses tightly. Hey, we aren’t really supposed to it this right?

    SpyingBlade sighed. The foods effects were clearly improved.

    Leisurely Slime Vs Demon-Blood Tea: Eat to recover 3 health and 0.5 mana every second. Also receive +6 all attributes, +10 all resistances, and +5% will for 5 hours.

    Skeletal Demon and Eyeball Ramen: Eat to recover 5 health every second. Also receive +10 strength, +10 dexterity, +7 constitution, +5% fortitude, +10 all resistances, as well as Moderate (Chance to recover a set amount of mana/energy/rage/qi when using a skill.)

    Secret Crispy Batter with Wolf and Maggot: Eat to recover 3 health every second. Also receive +7 all attributes, +15 all resistances, +5 defence, +5 damage, as well as Burst (Attacks have a chance to trigger, dealing a set amount of bonus damage.)

    Secret Skeletal Demon Flaky Pastry: Eat to recover 2 health and 0.8 mana every second. Also receive +12 constitution, +11 wisdom, +11 defence, as well as Toughness (A chance to reduce damage received by 10%.)

    PS: Set meal effect, those who eat at least 3 different ones will receive an unimaginable effect.

    SpyingBlade recalled back when Ye Cang had first leveled up his cooking, they had learned that they could stack 2 different food buffs. Now they could have 3. As the system pointed out, they needed to eat 3 of the 4 presented to them. The ones most fitting for himself was the ramen, tea, and fried meat. The desert gave stats that a spellcaster or paladin would want. The experienced SpyingBlade showed of his wit. To avoid passing out before eating all 3, so that he would only have to suffer once, he used his quick hands to put the fried meat on top of the noodles. He endured his disgust and drank a mouthful of tea, and quickly stuffed some noodles and fried meat into his mouth and swallowed! Then his eyes rolled back and he fell to the ground.

    Little Ye Tian nodded. That was splendidly done. To merge the three sufferings into one. The so called ‘better to get it over with than to prolong the agony’. She was truly impressed. She decided to improve on it, and do it even faster! She poured the tea into the bowl of ramen, then put the dessert on top. She pulled the struggling Little Ration over and fed it first, then gave some to Weak Sauce, then dumped some down Little Ren’s throat. Seeing that their three pets were ‘dead’, she felt a bit better. She plugged her nose and ate the three in a single bite. She tasted the flavor of the tea and soup mixing together. After personally tasting it, her expression became sinister. She began clawing at her neck, and looked at the sky, muttering, "I was wrong, this tea shouldn’t go with the ramen… gaaah…"

    Everyone etched her final words into their hearts, and chose to follow SpyingBlade’s method. Lin Le, Zhang ZhengXiong, and Ye Cang exchanged a glance, then all turned to FrozenCloud. "You first…"

    FrozenCloud backed up, slightly cowering. Looking at bowl-cut Wang and rock-n-roll Nana who had already taken the lead to pass out, she gulped. She took a deep breath, and ate her three. Before her mind could even register the taste, she lost conciousness. Ye Cang’s group of three once again exchanged a glance. The three of them, with bitter faces, passed out.

    The only one left was the dumbstruck Fang Ci. They really ate it!? He looked at the ‘party wipe’, then at the nearby set meal. His scalp tingled. The foods’ attributes are too amazing. Let’s eat. How can I not endure this. Even girls like sister Nana and sister Lil’Dino dare to eat. Sadly, due to his lack of ‘anti-bodies’, he collapsed the moment he at the first item.

    Everyone slowly woke up. When they learned that Fang Ci still had to eat two more times, they began to feel much better. Unfortunately, it wasn’t so good for Fang Ci. He couldn’t even throw up! Thinking that he didn’t want to be looked down upon, he finally ate the ramen and dessert together, passing out once again.

    SpyingBlade covered his mouth. Every time Ye Cang learned something new, hell would follow. He looked at the Pale Ye Cang. This guy is too ruthless. He’s not even messing with us, otherwise he wouldn’t have eaten it himself. He actually thinks his ‘Art of Cooking’ is the right way… That is what makes him the most terrifying. The irrational belief that he has some sort of special talent.

    Ye Cang looked at Fang Ci wake up with a bad complexion. "Good, no one died this time. I must have gotten better…"

    Fang Ci heard this the moment he woke up, and his back was instantly drenched in cold sweat. It meant that people had really died from this…

    Everyone confirmed that they could now have 3 food buffs, and one set buff.

    Food Set Effect: +5% All Attributes, +7% Speed, +6% all resistances.

    Ye Cang stroked his chin. He had also just learned that besides the 3 food buffs, they could also have a set effect. This meals set effect was actually percentage based, and even gave speed. In the future, when their stats were higher, it would be much more useful. Even now, it was not bad. It was equivalent to increasing his stats by 5 or 6 points, with a lot of intelligence.

    SpyingBlade had a strange expression when he thought about Ye Cang’s professions. Barber + Cook, what was next? Archeologist?

    They were now all buffed up. SpyingBlade reminded them not to drag until nightfall. Ye Cang turned and brought everyone down the hill. Once they walked out of the forest, due to there being too much rubble, they couldn’t see very far. He used Shadow Step to appear on top of a tall ruined pillar leaning on a building. Little Ye Tian also rode on Little Ration and flew 10 meters into the air. Now that they could see, they saw that the ruins weren’t small. It spanned at least a couple kilometers. They could see a public square, but it was also reduced to rubble. There were puddles everywhere, and moss grew all over the place. Everywhere they looked were ruined buildings. Further in, they saw a ruined building that was different from the others. It was clearly much bigger, and resembled a small palace. That was something they definitely had to investigate.

    Little Ye Tian recorded everything she saw on her map; from the ruined buildings, to the general layout of the city.

    Ye Cang saw that in a nearby swamp, behind a moss covered wall, there was something green wriggling about. It was pretty big. He waved towards it to see if it was sentient. Warning everyone not to act hastily, he motioned for SpyingBlade to come up.

    SpyingBlade was confused. He kicked off the various rubbles and pillars to make his way up. After a few leaps, Ye Cang grabbed his hand and pulled him up. He pointed at the green lump that he wasn’t able to identify. "What the heck is that?"

    "It should be some kind of creature?" SpyingBlade replied.

    "No sh*t! I know it’s some kind of creature!" Ye Cang rolled his eyes.

    SpyingBlade’s heart tightened, and he felt the urge to stab this scummy party leader. If not for their temporary pact, he would have long done it. He was a natural at pissing people off. He turned and continued to examine the creature, "It’s not just a creature. You see those worms on it’s body? It’s should be some sort of marsh creature, maybe something like a treant. Besides, it has eyes. Wait, it’s spotted us…"

    Ye Cang also noticed that what he suspected to be the head was looking up at himself and SpyingBlade. When it finally stood up, he tried identifying it again.

    Marshwalker – Zele Saos: Classified as a magical creature, it’s body is half animal and half plant. It possesses extremely strong attack power and physical resistance. It’s classified as a dangerous creature, but is pretty valuable as food. Most poisonous mushrooms, when cooked with its plant body, can be eaten safely.

    "It’s coming!" Little Ye Tian looked at the giant rapidly approaching them from the square. The reason she called it a giant was because it had 4 lumpy limbs.

    "Prepare for battle!" Ye Cang shouted. Everyone heard the order. SpyingBlade jumped down onto a nearby roof. He looked inside the ruined house from a crack, and saw that several green liquid creatures had been alerted, and began to squeeze out. They didn’t appear to be slimes, because slimes were round and cute. These things made one’s hair stand on end, because there was still some human and beast bones floating in the liquid. "Everyone careful! There are corrosive liquid creatures in the buildings!" Chapter 312: Spore Fog

    Zhang ZhengXiong saw the pile of wriggling liquid creatures and felt some panic. He had killed countless slimes, but this thing looked too disgusting. It looked like a pool of pus.

    "These creatures are immune to fire…" Ye Cang reminded. He reached out and tapped on the drum at his waist, giving everyone the effect of Boosting Beat. SpyingBlade heard the sound of a drum, then received a 5 minute strength and attack buff. Musical Instrument? A Bard?

    "Normally, creatures that don’t fear fire also don’t fear light. Try ice…" Little Ye Tian proposed.

    Wu Na began casting a spell. Chilling Wind! The damage was very low, but FrozenCloud noticed that the frontmost ones were beginning to freeze. Even the ones who weren’t frozen became sluggish. She performed a Collapsing Palm, shattering one. The system told her she had killed it. "They’re weakness is to freeze them then use physical attacks…"

    Wang also began to command his water elemental to use ice spells. Zhang ZhengXiong was like an ice sculptor, and began smashing them. Tens of acid sprays shot over, and he quickly leapt back. He was hit twice, and received a continuous corrosive effect. "Lil’Dino! Be careful, these things spit! The damage is not low!"

    Ye Cang watched everyone deal with the liquid demons. A flame appeared in his hand and smashed into the swampwalker’s head. The damage was extremely high. I can’t let him join the fight yet. "A’Xiong, SpyingBlade, you two go hold back the boss. Lele and FrozenCloud, deal with these liquid things with Nana and Wang’s help!"

    Zhang ZhengXiong and SpyingBlade jumped a broken wall, and charged towards the swampwalker.

    Ye Cang began to use his Light Strike Array, locking onto the boss’s path. The ground began to dry and faintly burn. A hazy red pattern could be seen covering an area 20 meters across. Suddenly, flames emerged, spraying out violently like a fountain. There was a howl of grief. SpyingBlade looked at the range of this flame spell. Last time’s epic skill reward? Not bad. This is an area damage and control skill. He saw that the boss’s eyes were somewhat hazy, it had clearly been stunned. He increased his speed, and his swords were freed from his waist, slashing into the part kneeling knees, head, and chest. His swords dance was complimented by the special effects of various skills. He was like a butterfly fluttering above a burning star. Zhang ZhengXiong raised a brow. He stepped on the faintly burning ground, and his enormous axe left a huge trail as it slashed at its neck and shoulder. Ye Cang summoned the shadow of his heavy crossbow, then pulled out the mini ballista from his bag. The queen bee bolt was launched with a Meteor Shot, followed by the king bee bolt from the shadow weapon. The two heavy bolts hit the swampwalker, instantly dealing a huge amount of damage, however, it seems like the poison only dealt 25% of their usual damage, the rest was resisted by the creature’s anti-poison body. This made Ye Cang extremely regretful as he put away his ballista.

    Along with a roar, the swampwalker began to emit fungus that was sort of like spores that grew bigger and bigger. SpyingBlade sensed danger as he dodge an enormous arm, and began to retreat. "Don’t stay there! Move!"

    Zhang ZhengXiong also noticed that these spores looked like they were on the verge of bursting. Some had swollen to more than 3 meters. After activating a Thunderclap, he lowered his body and ran out of its range. He heard a few muffled echoes, and the spores behind him exploded, sending green dust blowing everywhere.

    SpyingBlade, who was at the edge of the dust, watched as his health continuously fell, and his body gradually became paralyzed… His heart sank. This thing, it has outrageously high health, and doesn’t seem weakened at all after all those heavy injuries. Is it a raid scale boss? He activated a movement skill, rushing out of the dust, and drank a moderate healing potion that Lin Le had made. Ye Cang saw that the boss was headed for the paralysed Zhang ZhengXiong. From his bag, he took out a spare molotov, and threw it between Zhang ZhengXiong and the approaching swampwalker. The raging flames covered them both, and the dust began to be burned by the flame, becoming twinkling stars. SpyingBlade nodded approvingly. It was better than being pounded by a boss while paralysed. Moreover, being burned by the flames might even help remove the paralysis and reduce the amount of airborne dust.

    Zhang ZhengXiong sighed in relief. Although he was being burned alive, it wasn’t unpleasant. He was no longer completely paralysed, but continued letting the flames burn him. These flames actually did less damage than the dust, afterall, he had very high fire resistance. He looked at his remaining ⅓ health. While still on fire, he began to run out of the dust’s range. He quickly used the three healing spells saved in his holy text to heal himself up to ½ health. Ye Cang’s healing stream also landed, as well as Little Ye Tian’s healing and shield, followed by pearls of light. A line of light went from Zhang ZhengXiong to the nearby SpyingBlade, replenishing both their healths.

    "How is the cleanup on that side?" SpyingBlade said, jumping into the ruins, intending to buy more time.

    "Almost done, but this sort of spore skill is hard to handle. A’Xiong, buy us some time. I need 2 minutes for my aoe fire spell. When the other side is done, we can burn all these spores, and burn it to death." Ye Cang said, throwing out another flame burst at the rapidly advancing boss, making it stop for a second.

    Having cleared up a large number of liquid creatures, they finally noticed the other side’s activity. Wu Na activated her staff’s ability. A piece of ice shot at a frozen liquid creature, shattering it, then it exploded, freezing all the nearby creatures into ice sculptures. FrozenCloud and Lele quickly rushed over, each taking a side, and attacked with all their might. Little Ren brandished his two blades to split them in half.

    FrozenCloud performed a leg sweep then with a rapid rotation, Kamaitachi – Sweeping Wind! Three spins, like a mini tornado, smashed the liquid demons sculptures within a few meters of her. Fang Ci felt a bit powerless. He controlled his little skeleton to attack with its jagged sword, but the results weren’t very good. At least he eventually managed to shatter two. Better than nothing.

    "Bro, how much longer!?" Zhang ZhengXiong yelled.

    "1 minute 20 seconds." Ye Cang said. He had been launching a continuous stream of fire arrows every 4 seconds, but the spores continued to grow back. The flames were also starting to die out quicker. Zhang ZhengXiong took out a molotov and set himself on fire. With a roar, he once again charged into the ever approaching spore. SpyingBlade froze. Although he knew of Zhang ZhengXiong’s boldness, he was still impressed. That guy was truly fierce.

    Little Ye Tian quickly cast a shield on him. Zhang ZhengXiong intercepted the swampwalker with a Barbaric Charge. When they collided, due to Zhang ZhengXiong be wreathed in flames, it seemed to be somewhat afraid. It’s attacks weren’t as fierce as usual. Although Zhang ZhengXiong could still hold on, his health was dropping quickly. The moment the molotov stopped burning, he once again threw another one, splashing both on himself and the boss. Activating Berserk Recovery, he used up his full rage and healed to 50%. Rainbow Slam! It was ineffective. The boss seemed to be immune to mental effects. He activated both his ring’s abilities. There was a flame burst and a flash. Finally, he was out of ideas.

    SpyingBlade sighed. Even if he were to die, he wouldn’t want to pvp against Zhang ZhengXiong. It’s not that he would lose, but Zhang ZhengXiong was just too hard and even had high attack. For an assassin that depended on bursting people down, he was their worst nightmare. It was impossible to burst him down. His base class was a priest, so although he didn’t have many movement skills, but life saving skills he had too many. Even after setting himself on fire and fighting a boss, he had still lasted so long! He probably hasn’t even played his final trump cards…

    "Ready. Come back A’Xiong." Ye Cang’s Light Strike Array’s cooldown was done. Zhang ZhengXiong unleashed another thunderclap, stopping the boss for a moment, then he turned and rushed out, sighing in relief. His only life-saving skill left was his new epic skill that he hadn’t used yet, but since it was a group heal, he didn’t want to use it on just himself. If possible, it was better to save it.

    Lin Le straightforwardly used a Handcart Tornado to clean up the rest of the dozen sculptures, because he had received Ye Cang’s signal. Everyone quickly rushed to that side. They saw a smokey scene covered in green dust and spores, as well as the swampwalker running out, wreathed in flames. Lin Le, as a master arsonist, wanted to charge in, but Ye Cang stopped him. "Lele, don’t go in yet. This fog will completely paralyse you…"

    Lin Le nodded. He jumped onto a nearby building, swung his new bag, and 5 molotovs were thrown out covering the entire boss in flames. Ye Cang saw that everyone was in position. "I’ll clear the spores and dust around the boss. Lele, you use molotovs to open the way. Everyone else attack the boss with everything as soon as the flames appear. Once the dust is back, we won’t be able to attack him. His recovering ability is strong, so we have to finish him in this rush!"

    Everyone nodded. Ye Cang began to cast and his two hands began to glow. The boss was 20 meters away from everyone. Spores began drifting towards them, and were beginning to grow. At that time, the swampwalker felt a familiar dry feeling. He was about to retreat, but flames once against burst forth. Little Ye Tian quickly cast a shield on everyone. Lin Le threw out molotovs, burning the dust in their way. Everyone charged along the flames, avoiding the dust, into the not yet extinguished area of the Light Strike Array. Although these remnant flames didn’t deal much damage, it still did some.

    "Tactics – Rapid Pursuit!!" Ye Cang waved, activating the the group buff.

    FrozenCloud pounced towards the stunned boss, her two claws cutting it apart. SpyingBlade began using all his skills, leaving blade beams everywhere. He left afterimages as he dodged the boss’s attack, appearing behind it. Zhang ZhengXiong jumped to avoid a sweeping arm, and chopped his axe into its chest. Ye Cang pulled out his pike, activated Flame Blade, then it’s replacement skill Flame Lotus. He leapt down from above, becoming three shadows in mid air, performing a combo of stabs. The strikes exploded into flames that looked like a lotus flowers, instantly dealing high damage, and momentarily paralysing it. Lin Le’s figure flashed over. Sword Drawing Art – Flash! Returning Dragon! Surging Dragon! Whirlwind Strike! Then he leapt high in the air, summoned his handcart, Handcart Homerun! Hitting from the top, he smashed it into the ground. Although physical attacks had reduced effect, this attack still dealt impressive damage. The three spellcasters sighed at their uselessness. Fang Ci’s Spirit Balls were at least doing stable damage, unlike Wu Na and OldWangFromNextDoor. Water and Ice element attacks were embarrassingly weak against it.

    Everyone assault madly, even the mount Little Ration was there waving its scythes. SpyingBlade stepped out of the way, letting that leopard like figure past. Although dual wielding wasn’t that effective against this boss, but that strength and speed… He could only sigh at the heaven’s unfairness. Chapter 313: Ruins in the Dark

    Although everyone attacked fiercely, the marshwalker’s vitality made them feel anxious. Wu Na, Wang, and Fang Ci were all being pushed in closer as the dust cloud slowly spread. Lin Le swung his bag, throwing out another 5 molotovs, stopping it, but it was only delaying the inevitable. With its high physical resistance, Lin Le’s attacks were severely weakened. Lin Le didn’t have many elemental attacks in the first place. Even Netherworld Shock had been used.

    Fang Ci could only command his skeleton to throw out fireballs while he attacked with Spirit Balls, all while slowly walking towards the center.

    Ye Cang used his fire skills as much as possible. When he unleashed his burst of melee attacks, he would leap back and shoot fire arrows, explosive arrows until Flame Blade was back, then charge back into melee to unleash another burst. Everyone knew they could only give it their all. If they allowed the spores to close in on them, then they would be paralysed to death, not to mention that it was poisonous and its damage wasn’t low.

    The marshwalker was extremely enraged. These bugs were too clever. It once again grew out more spores. Ye Cang shouted, "Lele, burn these these fungi with molotovs!"

    Lin Le quickly threw molotovs, burning the gradually expanding spores.

    Ye Cang frowned. They only had about 7 meters of room to move, and this thing still didn’t look like it would fall. He shadow stepped to Little Ye Tian’s side, and summoned his shadow weapon – heavy crossbow.
    Reincarnation of a Businessman He once again pulled out his balista, and sent the two bee monarch bolts shooting out. Although the damage was greatly reduced, it was still much stronger than a normal attack. Putting away his ballista, he pulled out his bow and began unleashing fire arrows while keeping an eye on his mana. There was still 24 left. Nana and Wang had run out, and had no time to recover. They were pressed for time. His flame blade appeared once more with a straight thrust combo.

    5 meters, 4 meters! Their space was constantly reducing. The ranged classes had no choice but to stand in the boss’s attack range. 3 meters! The marshwalker finally showed signs of tiring, it was faintly tottering. Under the constantly burning molotovs, its natural recovery couldn’t keep up. On top of the fact that it had no spores around it, it finally began showing signs of collapsing, but the spores were already upon them, having encroached another meter. Everyone was now in the dust. Ye Cang shouted urgently, "Lele, set us on fire!"

    Wu Na sighed. Like this, the spellcaster would be the first to go, but it was better than dying without being able to move. Lin Le nodded, once again launching 5 molotovs out from his bag at the boss and them. He quickly crushed a gold coin, activating two stacks of Money Maintenance, causing his health to continuously increase.

    With a burning enemy and burning allies, they continued their battle. This method was a double edged sword. With Lin Le’s ability to increase the effect of items, the Molotovs did a large amount of damage. Everyone’s health drained like leaking water. Zhang ZhengXiong flipped open his holy text, activating it’s aoe healing, then Desperate Prayer, bringing everyone’s health up. Even the percentage healing afterwards couldn’t keep up with the raging flames. Little Ye Tian endured the feeling of being burned, and spammed Healing Chain and the resulting Pearls of Light. She gave up on the spellcasters that couldn’t endure, and focussed on the important people.

    The only good news was that the boss’s intelligence was low and it’s movements slow.

    Wu Na, Wang, the water elemental, and Fang Ci, were the first to be burned to death. The next to not be able to hold on were FrozenCloud and Little Ye Tian. Following Little Ye Tian’s death, Little Rations also disappeared. As for Weak Sauce, it was standing behind a very distant pillar, acting as the cheerleader. Although no one could see it, but it was taking its work very seriously. The only ones left were Ye Cang’s group of three, SpyingBlade, and Little Ren. They were still dancing among the flames and attacking with everything they had.

    "Lele, continue!" Ye Cang’s mana had been thoroughly exhausted. He could only use skills that required energy or rage.