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    It was as if the a great number of many years had only left behind a feeling of desolation, and absolutely nothing else. Jiang Chen stood at the rear of the crowd, not a ripple of emotion noticeable on his face, but wonderful waves surging in his heart. When he’d set foot on the third platform, he’d felt some type of connection with this presence. But when he analyzed it even more, he recognized that this tenuous unknown connection did not look to be between him and the ancient garden, but in between the altar and the nameless blade on his back rather!

    This discovery left Jiang Chen quite astonished. He’d constantly known that this treasured blade was extraordinary. Even though he’d utilized it towards enemies, the blade approach of "Huge Ocean Present Splitter" was not really at a high sufficient degree to actually excavate the blade’s prospective. He’d only tapped into the barest surface of its capabilities, but what had puzzled him the most was that Jiang Chen had obtained this blade from the Eastern Kingdom, when the second organizer of the Hidden Dragon Trials Du, Ruhai, had been arrested and his residence sealed. Princess Gouyu had been current as nicely, and he’d taken almost nothing at all, just this straightforward blade. And now, he’d unexpectedly identified a clue about it in this altar.

    Although this connection was nebulous at very best, Jiang Chen was extremely sensitive and had obviously grasped it. "A blade from the Eastern Kingdom and a divine altar inside Mt. Rippling Mirage of the Myriad Domain. What’s the connection among the two?"

    Jiang Chen couldn’t even start to extrapolate the reply no matter how challenging he considered, but of a single level he was specific, and that was that the two had some thing in typical. Even if they weren’t directly linked, they were surely indirectly connected. As for why the blade had come into the Du clan’s hands and had its shine dulled, obscuring the splendid radiance it should’ve had-this was an ancient mystery that no one particular would be able to resolve.

    Jiang Chen did not outwardly reveal his discovery, but discreetly observed the altar instead. There were twelve round pillars to the towering altar, with exceedingly profound, ancient runes carved on every single pillar. All of them formed a ideal whole with each other with the twelve pillars. The dome of the altar topped the pillars, with even more lifelike pictographs inscribed into it. Even though very a sight, no one knew what they meant.

    This altar looked simple and obvious to one glance, but that solemn, holy presence created everybody unconsciously avert their eyes. Jiang Chen took a shut seem and mentioned measures produced of white jade all around the altar, with ripples that shimmered in and out of existence all around the jade measures.

    Jiang Chen recognized that to be an exceedingly robust formation. It would appear that despite the fact that the altar had weathered numerous many years, the restrictions had however to fade. This meant to say that the interior of the altar was a forbidden region, not to be ventured into. The shimmering ripples looked as gentle as water, but Jiang Chen was particular that even if Elder Xiang Gan barged in, he would be instantly slaughtered by the formation.

    Elder Xiang Gan observed the altar’s outskirts for a bit and revealed a hint of a solemn look. "Everyone be mindful, will not venture in mistakenly. Be cautious of being destroyed by the formations!"

    Elder Xiang Gan was somebody who recognized the value of what was staring him in the face. Everybody snapped to solemn interest, but they weren’t right here for the altar either. Despite the fact that the altar was incomparably holy, it was obvious at a glance that it was empty, with nothing at all of worth within. Therefore, everybody felt that the altar was just for worship. It might’ve held special meaning in ancient times, but there was not considerably meaning to it now for them.

    Nonetheless, Elder Xiang Gan even now approached, gravely reverent, and bowed respectfully in the direction of the altar. "Oh ancient gods, we are but passersby from the Myriad Domain. We dare not desecrate the altar, but only want to beg for some sky spirit herbs for the potential of the Myriad Domain. We pray that the gods do not fault us for carrying out so."

    The other elders also came forward to spend their respects as properly. Although no 1 had any notion if there was any use to this ritual, every person felt a lot more at ease soon after undertaking so. There had been beams of spirit electrical power ensconcing the four corners around the altar, but in in between them, a single could even now glimpse them, the sky rank spirit herbs!

    There had been three sky rank herbs in each and every plot of land, producing for twelve complete. Elder Tan Lang of the Tristar Sect immediately heaved a sigh of relief. His sect was ranked sixth from the lottery, so if the complete amount of spirit herbs was not a several of 6, it would be a reduction for his sect. But since it had turned out to be so, each and every wonderful sect would be in a position to acquire two sky rank herbs.

    But now it was Elder Xiang Gan who was a bit dejected. Since there have been twelve herbs, there wasn’t anything extra that his Great Cathedral could skim off. If there’d been thirteen, then they would’ve been capable to consider an additional 1. But because it was an even twelve, everybody would get the exact same volume. Even so, he was not overly depressed as there were two sky rank herbs earmarked for him. He chuckled, "The very same rules apply. My Excellent Cathedral chooses 1st. Considering that there are twelve, each and every sect will get two. Which is honest."

    Elder Wu Hen was 1 who played his cards close to his chest, but he could not assist but come to feel moved at the sight of the sky rank herbs. He’d chased after Jiang Chen for so long for just a single sky rank herb, appropriate? But now, there had been twelve in front of him. And of people, two would be coming to his sect!

    Even so, there had been spirit electrical power forcefields about the spirit herbs, so it would consider some effort to harvest them. But with the strength of the sage realm cultivators existing, even even though it would consider a bit of time to break through the forcefields, it was nonetheless a certain bet. The only hard part was to do so with no harming the spirit herbs. Otherwise, they would’ve simply broken via the forcefields by means of brute force with just a couple blows.

    Jiang Chen took a appear at the heavyweights grouping together and didn’t step forward to become involved. He commenced walking down the third degree platform. When Mu Gaoqi and Ling Bi’er saw him do so, they grew curious.

    "Brother Chen, where are you going?" Mu Gaoqi asked inquisitively.

    Jiang Chen waved his hand, "I’m going to consider a look about on the second level you can just remain here."

    Short Stories By Geeky Although Jiang Chen’s actions had been a bit odd, no one particular paid any attention to him at this critical second. Even Wang Han only smirked disdainfully when he noticed Jiang Chen walk down to the 2nd degree. Is one thing wrong with his brain? Is he hoping that something’s been left behind on the 2nd level?

    It was extremely hard for anything at all to be left behind right after so a lot of sage realm cultivators had swept by means of the region. Wang Han might’ve followed Jiang Chen down at any other time, but now that a sky rank spirit herb was about to emerge, there was no way he desired to miss the present. For that reason, following he flicked a contemptuous glance at Jiang Chen’s diminishing back, he retracted his gaze and turned his attention to the sky spirit herbs.

    Jiang Chen arrived on the 2nd platform and found a relatively quieter corner, taking out the Skyweave Cauldron and a pile of spirit herbs from his storage ring at the exact same time. These were the herbs he’d collected following setting foot on the island. Practically all of the young geniuses had been furiously raiding the spirit herbs back then, with the exception of Jiang Chen. He’d targeted quite particular herbs, a move that had elicited surprise from Elder Wu Hen. But no 1 knew why Jiang Chen had completed so, and now he was taking out the herbs he’d gone to excellent pains to collect. Naturally, he had his employs for them.

    Ever because he’d arrived at the banks of the lake with everyone else, he’d felt that the environment close to the lake had been rather special. The multi-hued haze in excess of the lake had attracted his certain attention. When he set foot on the island, the presence hidden inside the rainbow colored haze had made him even far more specific that a Miasma was hiding inside this seemingly splendid colored fog, inside the interplay of rainbow colored spirit electrical power.

    The haze was the Divine Befuddlement Miasma!

    Even though completely different from the 1 that afflicted Ling Bi’er’s father, it was only stronger than it and not weaker. The complexity inside was a lot of fold above the one that plagued Ling Bi’er’s father.

    Jiang Chen had kept view along the way, and he concluded that this Miasma was likely intentionally left behind by the fantastic personage who’d designed the ancient herb backyard. To place it plainly, it was a check. If one particular could sense the Miasma, they would also know that there would be a corresponding cure for it on the island.

    This was a great scheme of daily life and death. There was death in lifestyle, and lifestyle in death. But apart from Jiang Chen, everyone’s eyes had been on the spirit herbs on the island, and no 1 had understood this plan!

    It was only Jiang Chen who’d detected the slightest incongruity when he arrived close to the lake. Add to that his prior experiences in his previous daily life, it speedily enabled him to see via this daily life and death scheme. The spirit herbs that he’d picked have been precisely those that could counteract the Miasma. And now, he was going to get advantage of the time every person was so busy harvesting the spirit herbs above to refine the antidote on the 2nd degree.