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    Zhang Yang jumped into the fight, closely trailed by the get together.

    "Every person! It really is Morphin’ time!"

    Fatty Han laughed out loud while the rest of the group giggled as they activated their Transformation expertise. One by one particular, all kinds of varieties had been unleashed. Every time they went through this, Wei Yan Er would in no way fail to laugh at Countless Starlight the king kong, and Fatty Han the overweight vampire.

    It was also the very first time Cheng Xue Yao was making use of her Transformation talent in front of any individual else. As an A class Inheritance, her Transformation was the two flashy and stunning. Not like the others, Cheng Xue Yao’s transformation caused all her equipment to fade away. 80% of her naked entire body was exposed to the planet, and her skin had turned ice blue. The air all around her crystalized and dropped on the floor as snowflakes. She looked like a beautiful ice sculpture. The sort of elegance she gave off was extravagant, paired with the icy crown resting on her forehead and metallic brassiere that only covered her breast and personal parts.

    As anticipated of the Ice Queen Inheritance, her presence in the discipline was exactly like the Hindu goddess Shiva.

    Absolutely everyone, including Zhang Yang had to end and stare at the beauty of it. Fatty Han would by no means hold back towards girls, therefore, when Cheng Xue Yao Transformed, he instantly went ahead and attempted his luck to sweet speak his way to court Cheng Xue Yao. Limitless Starlight had to hide away to conceal his red face. Amongst the men all around, Endless Starlight was the only man or woman about who had by no means witnessed a girl dressed in such an alluring manner. That was probably the closest point he could go to seeing a lady naked. As the other men were behaving as expectedly when greeted by the sight of a gorgeous lady, Female Raid Covent was behaving oddly. Rather of being infatuated with Cheng Xue Yao’s most alluring look, the weird fellow was not flustered. Alternatively, he had only taken a quick glance at Cheng Xue Yao before turning to Wei Yan Er, the flat-chest loli.

    "Alright, guys! Get killing now!"

    Zhang Yang spread his wings and soared into the sky. When he was shut to the boss, he shot down like an eagle. The environment they have been in had forbidden true flying. Hence, Zhang Yang was not capable to appropriately acquire altitude and could only glide his way at a specific height. Regardless of that, he was even now able to move at a breakneck velocity.

    "Hmph…? Attackers?" Ganesh hummed softly as he turned his head. His lips had been sealed tightly, however he was nonetheless capable to talk. His calm facial expression all of a sudden turned sour. He lifted his hammer and smashed it in the direction of the ground the place Zhang Yang stood. "Who sent you! Antoine? Dustan? Margalor?"

    All 3 names that he had uttered have to be the names of the other bosses. "Which is for me to know, and for you to discover out. The tough way!"

    "So be it! I shall pry the truth from your physique! One particular bone at a time!"

    Ganesh roared, and his hammer slammed downward. Zhang Yang lifted his shield, planted his feet solidly into the ground, and took the hit.


    The hammer struck the shield, but Zhang Yang stood as even now as a mountain in the course of a blizzard. Nevertheless, the ground beneath him cracked, creating Zhang Yang to slip. Lava began pouring down from the shield. Zhang Yang right away felt the burning heat in his grip and he quickly jumped away. The Lave was oozing out of the boss’ hammer like a water from a wrung sponge.

    "Haha! Noobie tank couldn’t maintain his stability! Looks like it truly is time for the Black Ranger to kick his steamy butt!" cried Wei Yan Er as she glided across the room like a black crow.

    Zhang Yang stomped the ground and re-established his stance, ready to strike back. The attack that had exceeded far more than a million damage had generated much more than adequate Rage factors that his gauge could hold. With a quick combo, Zhang Yang chained Charge Up Strike after God of War Devastation.


    When the boss could deal only a million damage on Zhang Yang, Zhang Yang had turned close to and returned ten times the damage to his encounter. This kind of a strong smack to the encounter had created Ganesh grunt in discomfort.

    "Imbecile! Mortals like you will never ever recognize the gravity of your crimes! Only death shall educate your sort!"

    Zhang Yang laughed. "Oh really?! Well, you are absolutely nothing but a burning pile of gasoline that was spawned from the Fire Essence Pearl! Even if you happen to be the true God of Fire, I am the inheritor of the God of War! I am more powerful than a god. A real God Killer! The only thing you must do is to start kneeling down and grovel beneath my feet!"

    Ganesh burst into flames. His breath was literally fires coming out of his nostril. "May Hades have mercy on your soul, for I shall wipe it from the face of this earth!" The boss wielded his hammer and spun about, attempting his ideal to strike Zhang Yang, whilst sending out numerous of lava droplets flying all over the place.

    "Haha! What is going on with Small Yang?! He has in no way talked down a boss like that before!" cried Fatty Han.

    "Tch. Tch. Tch." Wei Yan Er clicked her tongue demeaningly and shrugged. "Seems like noobie tank is just being childish!"

    Every person laughed hard when they heard Wei Yan Er, leaving the minor girl twitching as she was genuinely baffled.

    The party went all out with the battle. Every single 5 seconds, the party will hurl a ball of Fire Elemental Core that will deal 200,000 injury to the boss. Though the boss is technically manufactured out of fire, unlike the Phoenix, the boss did not have immunity to Fire attacks. It was lucky for the celebration, or else each the Phoenix and Daffodil Daydream would be attacking the boss like throwing salt into the sea.

    Cheng Xue Yao and Misplaced Dream had Inheritances with Ice attributes, therefore, their attacks were amplified on the boss. Sadly, Cheng Xue Yao was underleveled by a lot more than 30 Ranges. With the Level suppression system acting up, her amplified injury was suppressed down to a typical level. At instances, if she was unlucky, her harm will be lowered down to 50% and occasionally even ten%.

    Lost Dream was currently Degree 210 by then. Unlike Cheng Xue Yao, he was able to deal total, unaffected harm to the boss. His general damage, in this match, was on par with each Wei Yan Er and Daffodil Daydream, regardless of currently being a Thief!

    His Inheritance was a B class. In a non-Transformed state, the injury distinction in between him and an A class Inheritance player would not be massive. Note that the harm bonus variation among A class and B class was only 5%. On the other hand, throughout his Transformed state, the big difference will be big, since the harm increase was 300% and 400%, respectively.

    The reason why Lost Dream was capable to deal much more injury during this fight was all due to the Elemental Conflict of Ice and Fire. Nevertheless, even though he could deal higher injury than the norm, Fire damage would also inflict more powerful injury on Misplaced Dream and Cheng Xue Yao. Hence, amongst absolutely everyone else, those two had been taking more damage in contrast to the whole team.

    Moreover, Cheng Xue Yao was suffering from the Level Suppression damage amplification. Therefore, to make certain she stays alive, Zhang Yang had proactively utilized Surrogacy on her. Minor did Zhang Yang know that each Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue have been madly envious of her. Maiden of the Twilight It was all since of the skill identify! If only the name was "Safeguard Teammate" instead!

    The boss’ ability Burning Ground was placing a lot of stress on the group, as an alternative of the boss’ attacks himself. All battle companions that dealt minor to no injury have been unsummoned to lighten the load on the healers. Even though the other folks have been facing really a demanding scenario, each Zhang Yang and Fatty Han’s Phoenixes have been carrying out very effectively, because they had never taken any harm! Flames after flames being burst on them, and they virtually felt nothing at all but comfort due to their all-natural constitution.

    "Fire Tornado!" the boss growled and unleashed his skills.

    Molten lava began to appear all close to the battlefield, a hundred meters away from him. There have been 10, 5 meters wide pools of lava that had been slowly circulating on their very own. In just a quick amount of time, the pool began to give off sizzling steam that formed a small tornado that slowly grew in dimension.

    Without having any word of warning, absolutely everyone moved about to get away from the pool of sizzling lava. The spinning pillar of hot air had grown also huge to a point of no return. If any individual had been to get close to it, the suction energy will suck them in and burn them for 50% HP. If they are burnt twice, it is sayonara for them.

    Thankfully, the talent Fire Tornado had spawned the tornados, only inside of one hundred meters close to the boss. Given that the entire battlefield was broad and spacious, the crew did not need to fret a lot about moving about. In truth, everyone had taken their sweet time to alter their positions. The troubles started out to double up soon after one minute. The boss had cast the 2ndFire Tornado, growing the variety of tornados in the battlefield to twenty.

    Zhang Yang and absolutely everyone else got critical and moved around swiftly until finally the boss had ultimately stopped casting the ability, when most of the location about him was surrounded by the deadly tornados.

    Zhang Yang predicted that the tornados would not disappear till the boss is killed. Fortunately, the total fighting arena was so massive, that everybody could find a protected spot even following the boss had continually cast far more and more of individuals tornados. If they uncover themselves unable to attack the boss due to the tornadoes all around them, Zhang Yang would then kite the boss somewhere else and carry on the battle there.

    The battle continued on with loud banging sounds of the [Fire Elemental Core]. A single hour in the fight, and the boss was left with only 31% HP. Thanks to the bombs, only was the crew in a position to deal so significantly harm. That or, they may possibly not have been ready to deal so significantly harm. The boss almost certainly would have in excess of 50% by then.

    At the one particular hour mark, Zhang Yang cast Glare of the Death God but it failed to activate.
    Young Justice Rebirth Nonetheless, it was not considerably of an situation as prolonged no 1 dies. If a person dies, the boss will gain a one hundred% assault increase! If a single person dies, the injury dealt by Burning Ground would boost to 500,000. That would take a lot more than four healers to help the celebration!




    At one stage, everyone was sick of the boss’ random screaming and made a decision to tone down the game volume.


    Ultimately, the boss had reached 20%, which was its most vulnerable state. The DPS of the celebration had enhanced dramatically and was capable to deal far more injury than normal. However, it was even now a brief burst of damage, since skills like Killing Cleave do have a cooldown and are not in a position to deal substantial enough harm to end the boss right there and then.


    Zhang Yang’s axe glowed vibrantly for a short 2nd and the harm that Zhang Yang had dealt in the course of that instance had breached past twenty million damage.

    "Which is not Increasing Dragon Strike, is it?" asked Daffodil Daydream. It was not. If it was, an ethereal dragon will seem and absolutely everyone would know it. Zhang Yang swiftly reviewed the battle log and identified the cause. It was the axe’s specific impact to deal 8x normal injury. Additionally, it was stacked with a Vital strike! The total injury dealt was 16x the standard assault~!


    "Noobie tank! How are you carrying out that! I want that axe as effectively!"

    Everyone screamed with excitement. Zhang Yang could only smirk at them. That was the benefit of wielding a two-handed weapon. Despite the fact that the complete damage of a two-handed weapon will shed to a dual wielding configuration, the single instance damage dealt with a two-handed weapon will often be stronger than any a single-handed weapon!


    Reality be told, Ganesh was possibly the weakest between all 4 bosses, since the battle was not as well complicated, nor did the boss possess strong AoE assault expertise. The only hazardous skill the boss had was the Fire Tornado. All the players had to do was to avoid them, and they could kill it simply.

    Soon after much less than 10 minutes, the boss was killed, and rewarded the get together with a huge pile of loot.

    "GG EZ."

    "No! It really is GGWP!"

    "Nah…The very best one particular for this battle would be, EZ GAME EZ Daily life!"

    Every person cheered happily, while Zhang Yang remained unfazed. He was considering about the difficulty of the quest. He recalled the severe trouble of retrieving the [Wind Essence Pearl,] however this boss was all as well simple. It is like the program was compensating players for the severe problems of the previous quest by giving them an effortless boss to defeat. By some means, Zhang Yang felt that it was unfair, for he had to put out so significantly work! All by himself!

    Wei Yan Er chirped happily as she hop-skipped her way to the loot. She tidied up the loot and organized all the shiny, glowing loot in an orderly manner. The boss was type sufficient to give 10 Ascended tier gear and 7 Holy tier tools. Additionally, all of them had the special 30 Degree Requirement reduction!

    Though the Ascended tier weapons have been good sufficient for each assault and defense, the Holy tier gear had been not too excellent. It was all as well "one particular-sided".

    Wei Yan Er very first distributed all seven Holy tier equipment. It was plainly apparent that a Level 240 Holy tier products would be stronger than the Degree 170 Holy tier tools farmed from the Spectre’s Hidden Cavern dungeon. Following the reduced tier gear was distributed, Zhang Yang shared the [Tesseract] and mixed two of the equipment into a single to improve them. Since it had an hour cooldown duration, the rest would have to wait for their turn.

    The Ascended tier equipment distribution was various. Priority would be provided to these from the primary get together. If anyone necessary the products, they would be put in front of the record. While the other individuals managed to haul weapons, Zhang Yang had only obtained a cape.

    [Cape of the Flame Lord] (Ascended, Cape)

    Vitality: +11762

    Power: +2060

    Dexterity: +2060

    Level eight Socket

    Equip: Increases optimum HP by 23,520.

    Equip: Increases damage dealt and healing charge by twelve%.

    Equip: Absorbs 1,778 injury from assault.

    Use: Grant immunity to all Fire elemental attack. Final for 10 seconds. Cooldown: 1 hour.

    Level Necessity: 240

    Specific: Level Requirement reduced by 30 Levels.

    Note: This cape was weaved with the essence of fire. You can truly feel the pulsing power of Fire by touching the cloth.