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    Nie Tian, who had activated Life Blend, had turn into 1 inside of the bone. The profound connection amongst him and the bone remained as he descended towards the dead silent depths of the earth with the skull that was as vast as a continent.


    All sorts of flesh auras and energies of heaven and earth surged chaotically, triggering pieces of land to break and fall.

    Following exclaiming at the best of his lungs, Mo Heng withdrew his dharma idol, getting ready to chase Nie Tian into the abyss.

    He assumed that Nie Tian was trapped inside the Star Behemoth’s skull.

    Qu Yi, however, known as out with a unusual expression, "Brother Mo!"

    Hearing this, Mo Heng came to a quit in midair and fixed him with a confused search.

    At this moment, a lot of other individuals, such as Ji Yuanquan, Ye Wenhan, the heads of the fire component sect and wood component sect, the outsider grand monarchs, and the titans, also observed the anomaly.

    A layer of wealthy corpse aura and colorful light had separated the descending Star Behemoth from them.

    All outsiders and Ancientspirits knew that they had to hold their distance from that layer of mixed energies.

    Otherwise, they would instantaneously be influenced by the Star Behemoth’s flesh aura, and go berserk once again.

    Additionally, the peculiar corpse aura that was mixed with it would also have a effective influence on human God domain professionals.

    They knew that they would also be subject to violent modifications as soon as they had been poisoned by the corpse aura.

    Consequently, none of the God domain experts and outsider grand monarchs dared to act rashly. They merely looked at the layer of condensing energies from afar.

    Nie Tian was the only one that was gradually descending in direction of the total other world in the depths of the earth, along with the Star Behemoth’s humongous head.

    "This is an additional wonderful opportunity for that kid," Qu Yi explained.

    The duel amongst Mo Heng and Grand Monarch Primal Demon had lasted a prolonged time, throughout which he had misplaced a substantial amount of his immense spiritual power and soul energy. Earlier, he had been struggling to handle the demented Grand Monarch Primal Demon.

    Therefore, he hadn’t observed every detail of Nie Tian’s interactions with the Star Behemoth.

    Hearing this, Mo Heng mentioned, his eyes lighting up, "Are you saying that the Star Behemoth is going to be his wonderful opportunity…?"

    Qu Yi nodded. "It truly is no exaggeration to say that he and his master, Wu Ji, are the explanation why we had been capable to finish this calamity in the Shatter Battlefield just before it was also late. If his master hadn’t noticed the problem, we would not have been ready. If Nie Tian hadn’t established communication with the Star Behemoth’s gathering soul, convincing it to retract its bloodline crystals that had been bewitching the grand monarchs, the consequences would still have been catastrophic."

    All of the outsider grand monarchs and titans in the region have been deeply shocked by Qu Yi’s phrases.

    Numerous sets of blindingly-vivid eyes fixed on Nie Tian, who was gradually descending out of their sight.

    "Nie Tian?!"

    "Is he the seventh Son of the Stars of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace who won a current duel against Ophelia?"

    "He is the cause we were capable to recover our senses?!"

    "The seventh Son of the Stars?!"

    Prior to coming right here, none of these God domain specialists and outsider grand monarchs had anticipated that they would battle battles themselves.

    Who would have imagined that the Stone Golems would sacrifice countless evil spirits and ghouls in the Bloody Grave Mountain Selection by way of the Heavenly Corpse Sect’s secret approach in purchase to turn the Star Behemoth that had been buried right here into the strongest Heavenly Corpse?

    Who would have thought that, although partially awakened, it had managed to plunge them into a frenzied killing state with simply its flesh aura?

    A lot of outsider grand monarchs drifted away in believed. "Star Behemoths from the Primal Era…"

    Since all of the grand monarchs that were gathered here had only lived a few hundred thousand years, they didn’t have any individual knowledge of the Primal Era both.

    Their worry in the direction of the Star Behemoth was just deep-seated in their bloodlines, and hidden in the deepest parts of their memories.

    They did not in fact know firsthand how mighty the Star Behemoths had been, or how they had gradually vanished from this starry river.

    Now, a Star Behemoth that had been dead for who knew how extended had only been partially awakened, and however it had managed to influence them so deeply that they had lost their minds.

    All of them began to attach excellent value to the Star Behemoths, and planned to go via every single ancient record they could discover and exhaust all means to learn about them following returning to their respective headquarters.

    Grand Monarch Primal Demon, who had recovered his high-tier Demon kind, flew in excess of and came to a cease in midair in front of Mo Heng. Repairing his purple, crystal-like eyes on him, he mentioned, "Even although you lost your duel towards me, you fought brilliantly. I defeated you, but I couldn’t destroy you. The Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace’s reserve electrical power is without a doubt extraordinary."

    Mo Heng bowed somewhat and mentioned humbly, "It’s extremely kind of you to say this, Grand Monarch."

    Grand Monarch Primal Demon took his time sweeping his gaze more than the God domain specialists that have been gathered in this spot, and then said, "Farewell."


    He morphed into a bolt of purple lightning and flew away from the heart of the Shatter Battlefield, which was now in comprehensive ruins.

    Soon after him, all of the other outsider grand monarchs left successively with odd seems to be on their faces.

    "The fight amongst the other parties should have ended as properly. If not, I will end it for them." Qu Yi from the Void Spirit Society pondered for a second prior to abruptly vanishing with his Void Mirror.

    Ji Yuanquan and Ye Wenhan exchanged a glance ahead of they also split open a spatial rift and disappeared into it.

    In the mountain valley exactly where Wei Lai, Dou Tianchen, Lou Hongyan, Hou Chulan, and a lot of other Saint domain authorities have been gathered.

    As the tiny colorful crystals slowly vanished from the grand patriarchs’ flesh aura seas, they have been freed from the Star Behemoth’s management as well.

    Nonetheless, the battle did not finish as it should have.

    The explanation was because some Demon and Phantasm grand patriarchs had died at the hands of Saint domain Divine Sons and Daughters when the flames of battle had first spread to this area.

    Later, as the battle carried on, a variety of Saint domain cultivators had perished as properly.

    Not like the battle between God domain professionals and grand monarchs that had taken location in the depths of the Shatter Battlefield, the battle among Saint domain cultivators and grand monarchs had resulted in casualties, even even though it hadn’t lasted quite prolonged.

    The deaths of their clan members had made the outsiders and Ancientspirits reluctant to quit the battle, even after they had sobered up.


    Qu Yi suddenly appeared in midair.


    Outsider grand monarchs allow out roars that spread through heaven and earth, instructing their clan members to withdraw.

    At the very same time, the fighting cultivators noticed Qu Yi, and finally stopped.

    When he was sure he had fully covered the power of Gu Jinlong, he closed his eyes. A stream of spiritual power quietly drew out a bit of Gu Jinlong’s covered power from the ring. It went through his body and then went into the floor. After that, it was diffused all over the city… – Emperor is Domination Steadily, the outsiders, Ancientbeasts, and dragons collected the bodies of their dead clan members and evacuated from the Shatter Battlefield.

    Ninth grade grand patriarchs could be brought back to lifestyle as long as their hearts hadn’t been destroyed.

    Most of the grand patriarchs that had died nonetheless had their hearts intact. When they had been taken back to their clans, their seniors would be ready to help them regenerate flesh and blood, and revive them with their personal flesh auras.

    It was comparable with the humans.

    They could also be brought back to lifestyle as lengthy as their souls have been secured.

    Qi Lianshan from the Void Spirit Society couldn’t help but request, "What on earth took place in the depths of the Shatter Battlefield, Sectmaster? Is the battle in excess of?"

    Qu Yi nodded. "It’s over. Thanks to Nie Tian and his master, Wu Ji, this calamity was ended prior to it could take us all."

    "Nie Tian?! Exactly where is he?!" Yan Zhan asked urgently.

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