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  • An officetel is a multi-use building that has residential and business units built on the grounds of one center. In its simplest form, it’s a steel or metal structure that looks like a traditional house or barn. Officetels may vary in size and operate. Some consist of many tiny rooms within a larger structure, while others are extremely large…[Read more]

  • An facilities flat, also called to help being an independent apartment, selfcontained apartment, dormitory, bachelor cushion or bed-saver flat, can be a hard to stick to tiny apartment when in truth the regular functions connected with several chambers are put together to a new singular living space. Studio flats, sometimes looked at as studio…[Read more]

  • The Officetel Studios apartment is a special place that provides many amenities which other rentals do offer. For instance, you will find a total of five apartments in the building. Whenever you sign the lease contract, you are given the option to stay in an apartment for a calendar year. Which means that should you needed to you could move into…[Read more]

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