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    Relevance of Article Writing

    As a student, you have certainly been required to compose several academic articles while in school. These assignments are aimed at evaluating your understanding of a particular subject. Furthermore, some of your papers will contribute to your final grade in the course. Therefore, you should try to write your articles while maintaining high quality and meeting all the instructions of the assignment.

    Concerning article writing style, there is no universal technique that all students should use when writing these assignments. Thus, you should be able to adopt different methods to write your articles to be considered successful. These writing styles include:

    • Descriptive writing
    • Narrative writing
    • Expository writing
    • Argumentative writing
    • Persuasive writing

    Descriptive Writing

    Perusing through some college materials is often a tedious affair. After all, you are always trying to stay ahead of the pack. One can always find a couple of articles that you have written that you feel are of high relevance. It would be best if you can use your descriptive writing skills to bring out the significance of these pieces. Therefore, you should strive to ensure that each of your articles is informative. Of course, you can always use quotes from your course readings to support your claims. However, descriptive writing is all about expressing what is usually contained in the texts.

    Narrative Writing

    In this writing style, students are required to put their information in the form of a story. This story should comprise of a set of facts. Therefore, you should ensure that your narrative writing skills are capable of generating this story from your observations and experiences. Furthermore, you should ensure that you can select a relevant theme for your narrative piece.

    Expository Writing

    This writing style is all about making stuff up. Thus, all you are required to do is come up with an anecdote that can support your ideas. You should ensure that your factual writing skills are strong so that you can support any point that you put forward in your paper with references to the actual material. college report  Moreover, you should make sure that your paper is easy to read.

    Persuasive Writing

    Is there anything that you hate more than having to write an argumentative article? If so, then you should turn to descriptive writing and let that talent come in handy while writing your argumentative paper. Nevertheless, you should ensure that you back up all your points with actual facts. Finally, it would be best if you were consistent in your piece to maintain a coherent flow of ideas.

    Analytical Writing

    This style is all about breaking down issues into their separate components. Therefore, you should ensure that you start with the relevant elements of an issue and develop them logically. Furthermore, you should ensure that each of your arguments is founded on a factual premise. Lastly, you should conclude your analytical piece by summarizing the points you raised in your report.

    Each of the article writing styles has its own merits and demerits. Thus, you should ensure that you are well-equipped to deal with any of the article writing assignments you encounter. Try to use the different writing styles while still adhering to the basic requirements of articles.