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    Excel floor care

    Floor Cleaning Done Right!

    We are a locally owned and operated. We are professional cleaners equipped with the necessary skillset, tools, experience, and certification to eliminate all the unnecessary filth between your tiles and on your tiles as well. When it comes to keeping tile, grout and carpet clean, Excel Floor Care has the means and manpower to keep everything nice, shiny, and pristine.


    Tile and Grout Cleaning

    Does your tile & grout look dingy and dirty beyond repair? Are you considering costly tile replacement? We offer tile and grout cleaning as well as grout re-coloring to get your tile looking like new again.

    Carpet Cleaning

    With our two step carpet cleaning process you can rest assured that your carpet will be fresh, soft, and free of carpet cleaning detergent residue that other carpet cleaning methods leave behind. This means your carpets will feel soft and stay clean longer.

    Upholstery Cleaning

    Get your favorite upholstered pieces looking great with our Upholstery cleaning. Our professional upholstery cleaning technicians are trained on how to properly clean upholstery.

    Tile Repair

    Excel Floor Care has the cure for this ugly, cracked, and stained floor grout.

    Cracked grout in a floor is more than unsightly. If not treated, it can cause damage to the floor’s underlayment and possibly create the need for costly replacement of the entire floor.

    Grout Sealing

    Cleaning and sealing grout protects it against staining and prevents the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. A professional sealant application from our grout sealing service will simplify cleaning and enhance the appearance of your tile.

    Let us Enhance the look of your Floors

    Professional Tile, Grout & Carpet Cleaning Services

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