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    Well, not if the 3GS is concerned. This 2009 model, announced by Phil Schiller, featured a lot needed speed injection which the user added video support. Undoubtedly there were more changes like: a compass, 32gb model, screen-fingerprint-coating and voice-control.

    Another thing that the iPhone 4S prides itself with can be a high definition 1080p HD camera that can shoot videos. You can shoot virtually all the videos you want with the latest iphone 4S. you also edit the videos you took instantaneously and share it with your friends and family.

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    The iPhone 4S also boasts 365 outlook of their scratch-resistant glass back panel, an active noise cancellation feature with dedicated microphone, its proprietary iCloud cloud service, Twitter integration, and, of course, the popular Siri natural language commands and dictation. Apple’s latest phone has also and image editor, TV-out option, Google Maps, and audio/video editor and player, among other cool contains.

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    Before you throw the old phone away, however, weigh up what you may want look at with it. iPhone spares within the UK are very valuable, as well as don’t necessarily want to toss all used devices in the trash.