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    Scooter Repair

    Some sort of broken scooter often comes when an individual need it. In case your scooter is malfunctioning and you want to have it repaired quickly, expertly and cheaply, Scooter Service NRD may be the specialist in Amsterdam for repairs to the scooter or mokick. In our well-equipped workshop in Amsterdam-Noord we could carry out all types regarding repairs and maintenance, to enable you to quickly place the scooter again into use.

    Child scooter Maintenance

    A preservation service for a new scooter or moped is not really mandatory. Even so, you need to have typically the scooter checked by a specialist no less than every 2, five hundred km. Maintenance is also recommended for a completely new scooter. In order to be qualified for the warranty, the particular scooter will have got to be taken care of by a mobility scooter company according to be able to a maintenance software.

    Scooter Pickup Services

    Do you include a flat tire, foot brake problems, does the particular scooter will no longer start or can there be one other problem with the moped that requires repair? Then have your scooter restored with the scooter professionnals of NRD throughout Amsterdam. But if the scooter could no longer generate, that may be of course easier said compared to done.