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    Abu Dhabi is a city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It was originally inhabited by nomads and recently settled Bedouins. The earliest documented mention of Abu Dhabi occurs on 1085 AD, when it appears at the time as being dominated by wells and gardens around its abundant natural spring water supply which were used to cultivate dates.Abu Dabi Weekly Magazine is a weekly magazine that provides the latest information in sports, entertainment and news. It has over 200 pages of content on topics such as health, fashion, business etc. abu dhabi latest news magazine serve to provide readers with local stories about society events happening around them while providing important updates from all sorts of different social classes “from princes and sheikhs to entrepreneurs”. The abu dhabi events publication covers a wide range of subjects including beauty advice for women looking fashionable at Ramadan dinners or even how-tos like an article showing men what they should be wearing this summer season which includes everything from suits down to swim trunks worn by celebrities during their vacations abroad. For more details Contact Us .