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    We don’t realize that a lot of the water we consume is not clean enough to drink and that we could be putting ourselves at risk by using the tap water to make our beverages or to make soap for our bodies. In addition to all of this, we really should be paying more attention to the water we use when washing our clothes. Many chemicals and impurities are still present in our water from the treatment facility or even from the rain. We don’t realize that these contaminants can make their way into our bodies through our drinking water, or our tap water which is ultimately going into our homes.

    Many people use these systems because they are easier than doing a complete home filter installation and they do a better job than a whole house filter. Some systems offer a filter for the entire home, while others will only filter the shower, or the kitchen faucet, or the hot water heater. Some systems are made to be very efficient while others are more economical. And some are able to provide the purified water directly to your home through an attached storage tank or through an advanced filtration system.

    While some systems offer you water ionization or reverse osmosis, these systems will not remove chlorine, THMs or VOCs. You also need to be aware of what type of contaminants may be present in your local water supply, as well as the level of those contaminants. Reverse osmosis systems are good at removing some of the heavier metals, but the system is not very effective at removing bacteria or microbes. Systems using carbon filters will also remove some of the heavy metal contamination, but they cannot filter out microscopic cysts or bacteria.

    These cysts and bacteria may be present in your water supply, even though they appear to be harmless to humans. They have been linked to serious health problems, even death. So you need to get your water filter system to work harder to protect you and your family. All of the commercial water filtration systems on the market today have some type of sub-micron filter included which will trap any microscopic organism that may be in your water supply.

    If you want the purest water for your consumption, you definitely need a whole house water filter system. But if you just need a drinking water filter or are on a vacation, you can get a system to filter the water that comes into your hotel room. The same applies to camping, horseback riding and boating. Most of these systems have an ion exchange feature so your drinking water is safe to drink and will also taste great.