Privateer Admiral Taras Kalemon

Privateer Admiral Taras Kalemon

Taras Kalemon always has at least two panhuman bodyguards and is provided with one such pair – a Boromite and human.

Combat Level: Tactical (as Freeborn or Privateer Special Options Command Squad)

Where: The Dronescourge Returns, p.108

Captain, now Admiral, Kalemon is one of Antares’ most opportunistic adventurers. Born into a very minor Freeborn family – a single-doma vardos – he long ago rejected his origins and claimed to be a self-made salvageer. His fortunes have waxed and waned, but on the whole he has gained more than lost and now runs a Freeborn cargo frigate (the Emari Star) with a well-trained crew and excellent Boromite engineers, miners and salvage workers. During his long life – he is rumoured to have been rebodied twice – he has picked up a great deal of intimate and unrecorded knowledge about the upper Determinate and the hazy border of the Northern Interface between the two great IMTel shards.

Taras puts on a devil-may-care, slapdash facade, and may appear to lack morals, but the reality is that he is always seeking knowledge and contacts. Whilst he may not be intelligent, he is wily and ambitious almost has a second sense where opportunity is concerned. He has built up a solid reputation amongst several Boromite clans as a good source of leads for ore and for work, and almost half his crew is composed of Boromites – indeed, most of his front-facing salvage workers and engineer teams are Boromite rather than a more ordinary morph.

Kalemon used to be happy to run salvage, wreck recovery or repair operations as well as operate under well-funded and lucrative letters of marque from the larger Houses. To no-one’s certain knowledge has he ever acted in a purely piratical fashion, always staying on the ‘right’ side of the law – which, in practice, means making sure he has some form of legal association with someone who can provide him with that ‘right’ side and benefit him the most!

With the coming of TOR 563, Kalemon sees a tremendous opportunity for himself and for those salvage workers and privateers who have been struggling in the wake of XIlos and the upsets within the IMTels. He has called in every favour he owes to pull together a small fleet to capture the ancient liner and turn it into a stable home for all involved. Here, he hopes to found a major Freeborn house, the vardos kalemoni, with himself as vard!

Though the ultimate opportunist, Kalemon knows when a little planning ahead could go a long way.  Experience has taught him that caution is the better part of valour, so he has been able to survive many a gunfight by rapidly moving to a better position – or even somewhere else entirely. He has been patched up so many times that many think his skin has had a layer of subdermal armour added, a rumour he is keen to promote as he figures it makes people less likely to attack him, personally.

Taras Kalemon and Bodyguard (Infantry) Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
Taras Kalemon with HL armour, plasma pistol 5 6 5 5(7) 10 8 Command, Hero, Follow, Leader 3, Wound, Sneak Away
Freeborn Bodyguard with lectro lash, plasma carbine, reflex armour, impact cloak 5 6 5 5(6) 7 8 n/a
Boromite Bodyguard with lectro lash, plasma carbine, reflex armour, impact cloak 4 6 6 6(7) 6 9 n/a

Sneak Away reflects Taras’ abiliity to escape from a fight. Taras and any models with him always succeed at a Dash for Cover Reaction and can make such a Reaction in circumstances beyond those of other squads. Ever wishing to preserve his own life, Taras frequently has a drone swarm with him of a medi drone, HL boosters and shield drones.  Standard and hand weapons such as plasma pistols and plasma carbines can be found in the article Weapons of the Freeborn and the lectro lash, more of a Boromite weapon, is in the article Weapons and Armour of the Boromites.

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