Quick Start Rules PDFs

With starter or introductory sets such as The Xilos Horizon, Strike on Kar’A Nine and the downloadable PDF rules, Antares has a range of rules for almost any experience. Here, is a Free Quick Start guide in multiple languages for games using just a few Concord and Ghar. The links take you to the store where the guides can be downloaded.

qsg-pol qsg-fre qsg-ger qsg-spa

English PDF

Polish PDF

French PDF

German PDF

Spanish PDF

‘Antares Base One’ Free Rules PDF

There is also a free rules PDF available that contains all the core rules for Antares as well as some example army lists together with the rules needed for the individual weapons. This can be downloaded from the webstore:

Antares Base One Basic Rules

Want to get into Antares?

Why not have a good look through our Antares ranges and see which army you’d fancy in store.  Or if you just want to find out more about this fantastic ‘hard space opera’ universe by Rick Priestley, check out this unboxing of the Xilos Horizon starter set: