Rebel Attack Crawler

Rebel Attack Crawler

Combat Level: Strategic

Where: Battle for Xilos (Rebel)

Fartok’s Rebels are taking after him and becoming surprisingly creative in their adaptation of Algoryn weaponry and Ghar technology. One such vehicles is the Attack Crawler, a vehicles similar to the Bombardment Crawler (or perhaps the Command Crawler) but which has been refitted to carry two mag light support weapons in its independent frontal mounts. What makes the Attack Crawler even more potent is that it can either add significantly to the Ghar direct-fire range by mounting one or two mag cannons, or can be turned into a close support threat with a pair of Quad Mag Repeaters.

One or two mag cannons makes the crawler similar, in some respects, to other Antarean battlefield weapon drones: a mag light support and mag cannon setup is similar to that on the Algoryn X01 Hi-Mag Liberator. But the mix of weapons can make the Attack Crawler a far more difficult opponent to counter: will it be an anti-tank variant, close support, or multi-role?

Whilst primitive compared with other Antarean vehicles, the Attack Crawler is a highly potent threat. Like other crawlers, its power comes from a volatile plasma reactor that spews forth dangerous radiation, endangering friend and foe alike. Though clumsy, the existence of the Attack Crawler makes for a difficult decision for Rebel Commanders: they are spoilt for choice! It is a MOD 2 unit, having two order dice like other major crawlers and if you choose to fit the Crawler with the optional Plasma Amplifier upgrade it becomes temporarily MOD3. This means it could make up to six mag cannon shots in a turn, on up to six different targets, or on three different targets and yet still move: dangerous indeed!). It can also be fitted with a plasma dump to spew out noxious discharges when going Down.

Attack Crawler (Strategic) Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
Attack Crawler with 2 x mag light support 3 5 10 13 8 9 Large, Crawler, MOD2, Scramble Proof, Plasma Reactor (Optional Plasma Amplifier – recommended – and/or Plasma Dump)

Attack Crawler in store

The crawler is a multi-part resin-and-metal kit with a plastic base:

Attack Crawler