Rover Drone Surveyor

Boromite Rover Drone Surveyor

Combat Level: Auxiliary

Where: Chryseis Shard, p.69

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The Boromite Rover is an automated exploration drone that is used for remote surveying and mineral sampling and is built to withstand extremes of heat, pressure and radiation. It works in conjunction with Micromite buddy drones. Like much Boromite technology it is designed to operate independently of a nanosphere and where there is a risk of contamination from the nanosphere or subversion by rivals it can operate as a closed unit (perfect for the conditions experienced in the Chryseis campaign).

Information gathered by the Rover is carried back to the Boromites via micromite runners and short ranged microwave relays (a micromite relay). In game terms, the Rover includes a free micromite probe shard for no cost, effectively 2 dice for 1 Auxiliary slot, and the micromite’s range as a targeter is extended to 5” to an enemy rather than 1″ or less. However, when a Rover is included in a force, no other micromites can be included other than with Rovers.

(Weapon Drone) Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
Rover Drone Surveyor 7 0 1 12 8 8 Scramble Proof, Micromite Relay

Special: For each Rover in your force a shard of 4 Micromite Probes is also included for free, forming a Micromite Relay*. No separate Micromite
Probe shards can be included in the force if it includes a Rover

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