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Since the game was first launched, there has been a few errata and rules amendments, the latter driven directly by player experiences. We’ve also tried to answer any questions that have arisen and pulled them together onto a FAQ and, now, a Living FAQ.

The Official Rules Amendments v2 PDF was last updated September 2017 with amendments to include a Sensor Module and includes the May 2017 amendments on Tectorists, Net Ammo and modifications to the Leader rule. Whilst it can be downloaded from that link, the links below take you to the webstore so you will be automatically notified when any changes are made!

The V2 Quick Reference Sheet was added December 2017 and are double-sided reference sheets with the new weapons from The Chryseis Shard and Battle for Xilos, as well as the Rules Amendments and errata. The V3 weapons Summary for the Dronescourge Returns was added June 2018.

Download FAQ PDF Download GOA Errata Rules Amendments (in store) Quick Reference Sheet (V2) Weapons Summary v3
      GoA Quick Reference Sheet v2

We’ve also put together a general Q&A (PDF), last updated August 2016, that contains the most frequently asked questions (FAQs). To supplement this, there is also a Living FAQ and Living Errata maintained here, on the Nexus. Rick Priestley, the game’s creator, created a number of free, PDF Army Lists that contains all the major additions to the lists, new selectors from the supplements and any updates to points values due to experience. All can be accessed via the links and images.

PDF Army Lists Living Errata Living FAQ
     Living FAQ

Additional rules that may be of particular interest can be found on the Mercenaries for Hire page, and Rick Priestley has created a useful index for the main rulebook. Also here is the free, Antares Base One ‘light’ (but rather comprehensive) Antares rules PDF – overview here – which can be downloaded from the store. We’ve also recently added the Advanced Rules Reference which contains a great many of the tables, results and modifiers you’ll need – many have played the game using this without referring to the rulebook at all, but you do need to know the game!

BtGoA Index Mercenaries for Hire Antares Base One Advanced Rules Ref.
Antares Base One Basic Rules Antares Advanced Rules Summary_v2

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