Scenario: Run, Fartok, Run!

Scenario: Run, Fartok, Run!


Fartok, High Commander of Ghar Battlegroup Nine, leads the charge against an Algoryn bastion on Ephra when his forces are suddenly attacked from all sides. He is expecting support from Karg, commander of Battlegroup 10, but the expected support never arrives. Too late, Fartok realises…

It’s a trap!

Fartok’s battle armour is struck and immobilised. All around him Ghar warriors are either dying or fighting for their lives.

Fartok manages to free himself of his armoured casing, but now he is vulnerable and alone amidst the confusion of battle. Without powerful battlearmour suits Ghar are practically blind, feeble and defenceless. None-the-less they are determined creatures and none moreso than Fartok himself…

This scenario has been designed to make use of the exclusive Fartok miniature on limited release with the pre-orders of the game in 2015. It can be used with almost any Ghar Outcast figure as Fartok, however, as all carry the all-necessary lugger gun!

Download the Run, Fartok, Run! scenario here.

Read more about Fartok on his character page Fartok, unarmoured leader of Battle Group Nine.