Algoryn SD Commander Ess Ma Rahq

Councillor General Ess Ma Rahq


Combat Level: Tactical (as AI Command Squad)

Where: The Chryseis Shard, p.108

Ess Ma Rahq belongs to one of the oldest and most renowned of all the great Optimate moch, or clans, of the Algoryn: the Rahq. Ess Ma Rahq is every inch a member of the haughty and ambitious clan into which she was born. She took to the obligatory military training with relish, proving an insightful if merciless leader, inspiring both loyalty and dread in equal degree. Most of all her evident intelligence and technical aptitude distinguished her from her cohorts and it was not long before she was marked out for assignment to the Special Division weapon and tactics development program.

The Special Division – or SD – is the elite of the Algoryn fighting formations, tasked with developing new weapons and tactics, and is the critical organisation responsible for maintaining the Prosperate’s technical defences against its many enemies.

If she was hardhearted and calculating it was only because these qualities were necessary to survive; if she was ambitious it was the worthy ambition of a superior mind; if she were to rise to supremacy it was a duty she would accept by right. It would be an honour to serve and it would add another Rahq name to the long history of Algor.

Ess Ma Rahq’s personal bodyguard are equipped with fractal sights, a new form of target predictor still in development as being considered too delicate for sustained use. Field tests of such experimental technology are merely part of SD’s role at the forefront of the Algoryn military.

Ess Ma Rahq (Infantry Command) Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
Ess Ma Rahq: plasma pistol, reflex armour  5  5  5 6(7)  8  10  Command, Follow, Leader 3, Wound, Nerves of Steel
2-4 SD Troopers (Bodyguard) with plasma carbine, fractal sights, reflex armour 5 5 5 6(7) 7 8

Command, Follow, Leader 3 are all standard attributes as listed in the Antares rulebook. Wound gives an extra ‘life’ – the character can be killed as many times as they have Wounds, the only penalty being that that cannot remove the last pins on their unit equal to the number of Wounds they have taken.

Nerves of Steel Ess Ma Rahq removes an extra pin whenever she takes an order test.

Fractal Sights Units with Fractal Sights can make a Firefight reaction in the usual way but will pass the necessary reaction test on any roll other than a 10. Further, when making a Firefight reaction, the unit witih Fractal Sights shoots first (full rules on p. 67 in Chryseis Shard).

Ess Ma Rahq in store