Shimond’s Algoryn Blue Devils

4th AI Division – The Blue Devils – Scout Force Torak

Shimond AI Drop Fortress OverviewShimond runs a blog we’ve mentioned elsewhere – ‘Wargames Amstrerdam: An Italian living in Amsterdam and also did very well in the Antares tournament in July 2017. He came a respectable fifth, so when he offered to write up some background and thoughts as to how he puts his army together, and how it was inspired by some terrain, we leapt at the chance! 

We’ll let Shimond (Simone Ristori) explain his simple, yet effective, 500 point Algoryn force…

Shimond: I’ve been collecting Algoryn since a while now and Antares is my first choice for wargaming nowadays, a lot of exciting new releases, great scenery and a community on facebook which is a pleasure to follow.

We’ve seen a lot of new painting scheme, battle reports, videos and podcasts and of course a lot of blogs dedicated to Antares and the Nexus! I don’t write in my blog as much as I’d like but every now and then I have ideas I want to document and this new series is one of them.

I am going to build up (not from scratch) the background for my renovated Blue Devils, adding a bit of background and exploring the operational side of this Armoured Infantry regiment starting from the smallest operation force, the scout force.

The Idea

Algoryn Drop FortressI started to think about Scout Force Torak after I’ve seen the fantastic Sarissa Precision Algoryn Fortress and the new plastic Algoryn were the perfect models to start executing the idea.

I like to build scenery with my force, I think it’s great for a theme and the narrative, and in an old post, I already published my first try to match force with scenery with the Agloryn exploration module. Now, that was the first time I was playing around with complete scratch build scenery and while I’m not too unhappy with the results the Sarissa product is at another level. It’s composed of three small bastions and one large bastion plus extra stuff as guardpost and walkways. And it’s a drop fortress. Drop. So I could see how a small bastion can be assigned to a small force and be used to drop the force for exploration, recognition and so on. That’s exactly what I was looking for, one of the small bastions will become Bastion Torak or “The Cave” as the Algoryn of scout force Torak likes to call it. It’s at the same time the place in which the scout force lives and operate during the exploration missions and it’s in all effects, part of the force equipment.

Army List

At 500 points choices are quite limited in Antares but the Algoryn are probably the most versatile force with several tactical choices and plenty of support. So I was spoiled for choices, but two things in my mind were very clear: I wanted to use the new plastic Algoryn from Strike on Kar’A Nine and I wanted to try to keep an “exploration” theme for the force. Lastly, due to the constant struggle with the Ghar, I wanted my force to have an extra punch against the armored scum, so I had to find a way to add a Mag Cannon.

AI Squad Alpha – Torak’s squad (112 pts)

Torak’s father, Ark’o was born into the Founder caste. Thanks to an incredible act of valor during a battle against the Ghar in which he managed to save several civilians, alone, against a horde of Outcasts, Ark’o was raised into the Vector leger Mok’or. Torak is determined to honor his father’s legacy and hopes one day to show the same skills and bravery. Torak carries a Mag Repeater, the same weapon his father used to repel the Outcast horde, and he prefers overload ammo in his unit to have an extra punch against Ghar Battle squads. He leads squad Alpha, a heavy hitting squad with two Micro X-Launchers.

Shimond AI Alpha Torak Squad
Torak’s AI Alpha Squad
Alpha Squad (112 pts) Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
Torak, Squad Leader with Reflex, Mag Repeater,
X-Sling and Overload Ammo
5 5 5 6(7) 7 8 Leader
2 × AI Trooper with Reflex Armour and Mag Gun 5 5 5 6(7) 7 8 n/a
2 × AI Trooper with Reflex Armour, Micro-X launcher
and Overload Ammo
5 5 5 6(7) 7 8 n/a

 AI Intruders ‘Sharks’ (140 pts)

Gorth and Torak are friends since the time of the training to become AI. Despite Gorth being Founder caste, and usually not assigned to lead Intruder squads, Torak knows the tactical acumen and bravery of his friend very well and he trusts him to be both the eyes and the hard hitting fangs of his force. The Sharks are trained to both speed and accuracy: they carry a compacted Mag Cannon and use the Intruders to quickly redeploy on the flank to target heavy armored targets. When there are no armored targets available they use a hail of Mag repeater fire to pin down and dispatch their enemies.

Shimond AI Intruder Sharks
Torak’s Intruder Sharks
Shark Squad (140 pts) Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
Gorth, Squad Leader with Reflex Armour, Mag Repeater,
Intruder Skimmer with HL booster and Twin Mag Repeater
5 5 5 6(8) 7 8 Leader, Fast, Large
2 × Intruder Troopers with Reflex Armour, Mag Repeater,
Intruder Skimmer with HL booster and Twin Mag Repeater
5 5 5 6(8) 7 8 Fast, Large
Equipment: Compactor Drone with Compacted Mag Cannon

AI Squad Beta (114 pts)

Bork leads Squad Beta, a typical 5 men squad armed with mag guns, a micro X-Launcher and slingnet ammo. A spotter drone accompany the squad. Slingnet can be quite powerful if the Mag guns can actually pin the enemies (so no good against heavily armoured) but is otherwise useless, so as an option I can always drop Slingnet from Squad Beta or Gamma and with the 10 pts saved add a Spotter to squad Alpha or to the intruders, especially useful for the Shark’s Mag Cannon. This is the flexibility of the Algoryn! Even with mere 500 points a force like this has several options to change equipment in base of the mission and the opponent they have to face. In any case Bork position is so cool I would probably keep slingnet on squad Beta.

Shimond AI Beta Squad
The Torak Beta AI Squad
Beta Squad (114 pts) Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
Bork, Squad Leader with Reflex, Mag Pistol,
X-Sling and SlingNet Ammo
5 5 5 6(7) 7 8 Leader
3 × AI Trooper with Reflex Armour and Mag Gun 5 5 5 6(7) 7 8 n/a
1 × AI Trooper with Reflex Armour, Micro-X launcher
and SlingNet Ammo
5 5 5 6(7) 7 8 n/a
Equipment: Spotter Drone

AI Squad Gamma (114 pts)

Squad leader Yask’h is in charge of squad Gamma. Again same configuration of Squad Beta with a micro x-launcher a spotter drone and slingnet ammo, with the same option to drop slingnet for a nice 10 pts that can be used elsewhere. This configuration, as said before, is pretty standard, the mag guns have a great range and a nice SV 1, and the micro x-launcher is the star of the squad especially in combination with the spotter drone. Another interesting option would be to drop the slingnet and give the entire squad Plasma grenades, to give the squad an extra punch in hand to hand combat.

Shimond AI Gamma Squad
Torak Gamma Squad
Gamma Squad (114 pts) Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
Yask’h, Squad Leader with Reflex, Mag Pistol,
X-Sling and SlingNet Ammo
5 5 5 6(7) 7 8 Leader
3 × AI Trooper with Reflex Armour and Mag Gun 5 5 5 6(7) 7 8 n/a
1 × AI Trooper with Reflex Armour, Micro-X launcher
and SlingNet Ammo
5 5 5 6(7) 7 8 n/a
Equipment: Spotter Drone

Targeter Probe Shard (20 pts)

No scout force would be complete without a probe shard. In our case Scout Force Torak is not a sneaking force, it’s a hard hitting AI force: it might be small and lack the heavy weaponry and heavy support but with 4 micro x-launcher and a mag cannon it can shoot most enemies into oblivion. Therefore it’s good to have four little targeter probes going around locking targets to improve accuracy of those pesky overhead shots or concentrate all on one target so the mag cannon can easily dispatch it.

And an extra dice is always handy.

Shimond AI Targeters


Scout Force Torak is the quintessential representation of the Blue Devils, an infantry division equipped for both exploration and combat, with a fast unit capable of quickly flank the enemy and put a mag cannon in crossfire. With 5 dice we are not afraid to be outnumbered at 500 pts.

Squad Alpha would be most likely deployed in the middle of the combat zone and will spend the game in fire order, while squad Beta & Gamma would either go for the objective or support squad Alpha as fire team. The flexibility of the Sharks is also its main challenge, the fact that they have a mag cannon doesn’t mean they actually have to use it, sometimes is better to rely on their speed and twin mag repeater to quickly disrupt enemy fire squads or support weapons.

The probes advance as fast as possible going for the main targets of either squad Alpha or the Sharks.

Algoryn Bastion CX06 – The Cave –

Bastion CX06, or The Cave as Torak’s force as started to call it, is a self sufficient Combat & eXploration module used by the Algoryn for combat missions (deployed in formation with a Bastion Fortress) or as outpost for military forces during exploration missions. The module contains all necessary equipment for a scout force to survive for months or even years in hostile environment: power generators, air and water filters, organic matter replicator and an automated workshop to maintain weapons and vehicles.

Several compactors drones are included in the bastion to maximise the use of space and equipment.

The module also comes with a set of four kinetic barrier to be positioned in strategic points of the surrounding as well as a turret.

Shimond AI The Cave Overview

And  few close-ups of the terrain…

Shimond AI Terrain
Shimond’s Terrain – kinetic barriers, plants and the fortress

AI Crates and Shields
Close up of the crates and kintetic barrier
Algoryn leaving Drop Fortress