Showcase: Carl Evans’ C3M407

We keep an eye out for new paint schemes coming up on Facebook or the forums. Our gaze was caught by this camouflage scheme by Carl Evans on his C3M407 Close Support Combat Drone. It’s all part of his Diamondback Alpha C3 Strike force, details of which and a quick painting guide can be found in an accompanying article!

Carl Evans’ C3M407 Close Support Combat Drone

The C3M407 is a variant of the C3M4 tailored specifically for close support in an anti-infantry role – though its plasma light support is capable of causing upset to all but the heaviest combat drone.  Whilst normally armed with two twin plasma carbine turrets and a plasma light support as an assault drone, it can be upgraded to carry three plasma light supports which lessons its assault capabilities but make it devastating in a support role.  Unfortunately, with the addition of rapid firing plasma light support weapons comes a significant drain on power reserves, the extra PLS turrets causing the drone to be subject to the well-known problem of plasma fade.

Carl Evans C3M407 Top

Carl Evans C3M407 3 quarters

And on the table in various poses! It is amazing how such a simple scheme can break up the outlines and give the impression of the active camouflage rippling over the skin of the vehicle.

Carl Evans Camo C3 at Questing Knight Carl Evans M407 on platform


See the C3M407 combat drone on the Nexus or in the webstore.