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Command Crawlers in the Community

Ghar Command CrawlerThe Command Crawler is a mobile headquarters vehicle for a Ghar Commander which, like other Ghar Commanders included in your army, allows access to the potent Support options from the Ghar arsenal. It is a mobile platform from which Ghar Commanders can monitor and direct the battle around them – a vital function as Ghar communications are not as effective as most Antarean systems. This is partly due to the waves of radiation that spill from volatile plasma reactors, and partly because of all the random fractures in space-time generated by Ghar disruptor weaponry. All this means that Command Crawlers tend to be in the thick of the action, getting stuck in with the front line troops. Even when they aren’t in teh thick of things, their pair of scourer cannons means they are a rear-support potent fire platform.

Since release, we’ve seen some great paint jobs on the community’s Command Crawlers, so thought we’d share just a few with you today to perhaps offer inspiration for your own forces!

Helge Pallakies

Command Crawler - Hel


Richard Whitemore

Command Crawler - Richard Whitemore


Matt Houghton

Command Crawler - Matt Houghton (1)


Brendan O’Connor

Command Crawler - Brendan O'Connor


Phil Hendry

Command Crawler - Phil Hendry (1)



Command Crawler in Store