Showcase: Georg Malter’s Algoryn

Georg Malter’s vibrant Algoryn

Facebook group member Georg Malter caught our interest after finishing his first 500pts of Algoryn in a striking vibrant yellow colour scheme, one which couldn’t fail to catch anyone’s eye.  Georg insists that he’s yet to go back over the force to add weathering and chipping, but we here at Warlord HQ are already struggling to keep our jaws off of the floor!

Georg Malter's Algoryn Command Group
Algoryn Command Group
Georg Malter's AI Squad
AI Squad
Georg Malter's AI Squad 2
AI Squad 2
Georg Malter's Algoryn Infiltrator Squad
Algoryn Infiltrator Squad
Georg Malter's Algoryn Mag Light Support Team
Algoryn Mag Light Support Team
Georg Malter's Algoryn Targeter Probe Shard
Algoryn Targeter Probe Shard


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