The Splintering Shard – Overview

Overview: The Splintering Shard

Link to Splintering ShardA Free PDF Background Supplement for Beyond the Gates of Antares

Every Antarean knows of the importance of the Isorians to the IMTel, how they developed a nanosphere hosting a distributed machine intelligence that automatically updated itself when in contact with other IMTel shards.  But what encouraged them to do so when nanospore technology had been around for so many ages already? What happened during the Dark Age between the 6th and 7th Age?

Whilst it’s common knowledge that the Isorians were involved in a real-space war with the advanced Tsan Kiri, what is not so well-known is that they very nearly lost. The question that comes to mind cannot help but be as to how they overcome these strange, warlike aliens and absorb them and their technology into their own culture?

And as for the PanHuman Concord, it was founded by the Isorians, but then began to fragment when the Isorian IMTel was contaminated by the Tsan Kiri. But the PanHuman Concord survived – without its founders – and the Senatex grew in opposition to it. So how was the IMTel contaminated? And when?

All these questions are answered in the new background PDF, Splintering Shard, the IMTel Civil War, a background supplement for Beyond the Gates of Antares.

What’s in the Splintering Shard PDF?

The PDF is 23 pages and contains the following:

  • A history of trhe Isorian expansion and the Tsan Kiri real-space war
  • The Early IMTel
  • The Origins of the Splintering
  • The evolution of the Northern Interface – the divide between the Senatex and the Concord
  • Strategic issues affecting Antarean conflict
  • A timeline of the Tsan Kiri Wars, the Splintering and the Early Seventh Age (an extract can be found on the Nexus).
  • Gaming the Splintering
    • How build a historical Concord or Isorian forces
    • Key commanders and members of Vylan Ra’s company, the 364th Phase Regiment
    • The Capture of PhageFactory 4 – a scenario based on Averahn, a critical system in the Concord-Senatex conflict
  • A summary of travel times around the Antarean Nexus and what affects interstellar travel – calculate your own journeys! See why the Freeborn live onboard their traders with their families!

We’ve also updated the 7th Age Timeline and are gradually adding in the known starsystems to an Antares Gazateer, here on the Nexus.

Where do I download the Splintering Shard?

The Splintering Shard is available on the webstore or can be downloaded here: The Free Splintering Shard PDF. Link to Splintering Shard