Starting up in Antares – part 5

A first steps guide by Jon Harrington taking us through the Kar’A Nine boxed set,
building some basic terrain and, finally, playing a game! Read part 4 where Jon works on his Terrain

5 – The first games

  With all the figures painted it was time to actually play a game. In Strike on Kar’A Nine, There’s no need to read the rulebook cover to cover before you play, I just read through the scenarios. These are a good way to start as they introduce new rules as you step through. If you do have the chance to play with someone more experienced it’s certainly helpful but by no means essential.

I was able to grab one of the Warlord staff (RichC) in the Nottingham store for a quick game which was valuable in exposing me to the rules but I still needed to work through the scenarios in the Kar’A Nine set to really understand what I was doing. To the right you can see my Algoryn defending a building from the oncoming Concord force who are heavily pinned.

Scenario 1

The scenarios are well presented and it’s easy to set up the included mat with either the card templates or your own terrain. No 1 Son was keen to play the Concord so took charge of the newly repainted force while I fielded the Algoryn squads.

The first scenario took about 30 mins to play as we stepped through the rules about movement, shooting and orders. In the end the Concord force scored 2 victory points, getting 2 troopers to the Algoryn side of the board.

Scenario 2

With the inclusion of the Ambush order and spotter drones I felt I had a better chance in Scenario 2 and left my troops static and firing at the oncoming Concord. However No 1 Son made best use of the Res bonus for saves offered by the terrain and managed to get his squads into the end zone and thus gained more victory points.

Scenario 3

The main inclusions in Scenario 3 are the use of pins and the Concord support drone. We liked the extra dynamic the pins bring to the game so had actually used them throughout. This time round the Algoryn were victorious due mainly to some unlucky dice rolls for the Concord. Needing 7 to hit with the Plasma Light Support Gun No 1 Son rolled 8,9,and 10. In return he had to make 4 Res saves (8 or less) and rolled a pair of 9s and a pair of 10s thus ending the drone’s effort on the battleground.

Scenario 4

Scenario 4 was over all too quickly. The Concord regained their drone and protected it all the way back to base, in the process wiping out all but one of the Algoryn force.

Final Summary

My view is that this – Kar’A Nine – is a great way to get started in the World of Antares. Everything you need to play is included in the box, the figures are easy to build and they’re fun to paint (even accounting for my dodgy colour choice). In terms of the game mechanics both of us were impressed by the drawing of order dice meaning that it’s not clear who is going to move first. We also liked the pin system and the way that hand to hand combat is resolved.

Now I’m off to paint up some more Algoryn…