Tabletop Warlords Video Batreps

Tabletop Warlords – Video BatReps

Under the banner ‘Tabletop Warlords’, Kevin Stotts and Sergey Allan produce some fun, interesting and nicely-commented video battle reports between a variety of armies, using different lists and at a range of points values.  They explain their choices, lists and tactics, and are well worth watching. Whenever they run through a game report and spot a mistake, they also add overlays onto the video so you can see what they did wrong, an incredibly useful aspect of their games.  And their armies are nicely painted and imagined, too – check out the conversions on the Isorians!

We think they and their occasionally disruptive cat are great – hence this page on the Nexus – and will be adding more links as they create more videos. Their YouTube channel can be found here: Tabletop Warlords.

1. 750 points, Concord vs Ghar

In many ways an introductory video using the basic, head-to-head scenario.

2. 500 Concord vs Ghar

A gentle objective-based progression using two low-point armies.

3. 500pt Algoryn vs Isorian Drone Force

Sergey tries out his drone force in scenario 3, Unexpected Encounter (p.143 in the rulebook), through an interesting pass in which they show how you can define your own terrain penalties, as well.

4. 750 Algoryn vs Concord

A defend-the-hill scenario in which the attackers can come on from almost anywhere…

5. 1000 point Isorian  vs Ghar

This is a little different in that Kevin and Sergey use an Isorian drone list with a NuHu. Without giving too much away, the first dice out is a Ghar’s – which they allocate to a heavy disruptor bomber. With supporting loader scutter. Ouch.

6. 1500 point Concord vs Ghar

A much bigger battle between some heavyweight forces using a heavy T7, an M4 combat drone, X-launchers and plenty of converted Ghar  – oppressed, captured panhumans amongst them. Really nice looking armies and table.

Bug Warz – custom scenario

Isorian vs Askar! Sergey created his own scenario and he and Kevin chose forces in secret. Both ended up choosing bug-heavy armies, hence Askar Mercenaries against an Isorian Tsan Ra heavy force.

Raiders of Bronvar – 1

Sergey and Kevin decided to run through The Raiders of Bronvar by Adam Murton, demonstrating how to tailor the mini-campaign to their own models and local background.  Once more, superb stuff — well done, gents!

We’re looking forward to more!