Algoryn General Tar Es Janar

Tar Es Janar

At the time of Battle for Xilos, Tar Es Janar is the commander in charge of the outlying sector of the Prosperate closest to Xilos.  Recognising the Ghar threat, Janar went against usual Algoryn protocol (not consulting the Prosperity’s leaders before despatching forces to the planet) – he assembled his troops into a relief force and headed for Xilos in order to relieve the trapped Concord expedition, and to deny the planet to the Ghar.

Despatching a ship to his homeworld detailing the reasons for his decision and consequent course of action, Tar Es Janar assembled his troops into a relief force and headed for Xilos. That he did so without the mandate of the Council meant that he was guilty of treason. That too would be a problem for another day (see The Chryseis Shard for what happened!).

Perhaps, though, it was his co-operation with the Concord and the use of his battle-hardened drop troops that enabled control of Xilos to be wrested from the Ghar.

Tar Es Janar is a strategic genius and his stats can be found on page 221 of the core rule book. Other than being as tough as any other Algoryn, he is armed with a ‘vertex mace‘ – a rather useful command tool rather than just a symbol of office. The mace extends Janars Command radius to any of his units on the table that has a spotter drone.

In addition to the Command, Follow, Leader 3 and Wound special attributes, Janar also has the Strategic Genius attribute reflecting his expertise at ‘placing his forces where they are needed as quickly as possible.” In games where units must test their Command to deploy onto or move on to the table, they test on Tar Es Janar’s Co Stat of 10.

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