Terrain: Na’Alene Scent Traps

Na’Alene Scent traps

Na'Alene Scent Traps
Na’Alene Scent Traps

Where: First outlined in The Dronescourge Returns

Use: In or as area terrain.

Once amusing household plants that caught flies, these dangerous plants have grown to giant size. They have huge flowers with many petals, on the surface of which are fine, soft hairs. The plants exude an attractive, heady scent that is intoxicating to most oxygen-breathing life and is difficult to filter through most rebreathers.

Those who resist its charms are drawn to bury themselves in its flowers, at which point they are coated in a contact poison that is released by the numerous hairs. At small doses this is merely an irritant, but at high doses this can cause heart failure.

Enclosing armour such as Ghar battle suits, hyperlight, phase or hazard armour, most forms of reflex armour (though not fieldcores) or vac suits/armour and iso drones protect against Na’alene scent traps.

Special Rule: Any unarmoured, biological infantry, mounted, beast or equivalent units moving through an area contaminated by Na’alene scent traps must make a Co test in addition to any other Ag tests needed for the terrain. Due to their physiology, Boromites gain a +2 bonus to this test. On failure, the unit takes a pin and goes Down. Any time an affected unit fails its Recovery test whilst within the area of contamination, it must save against a single hit at SV0.

LOS: As contaminated terrain, otherwise Light

Cover: As contaminated terrain, otherwise Res +1

DIFFICULT: As contaminated terrain, otherwise NO

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Na'Alene Scent Traps