Taking Army and Unit Options

How to cost army and unit options

A question that sometimes get asked on the Facebook page is ‘What does spending 10% on Army Options mean?’ (p.158). It just goes to show that something that is thought to be straightforward by the playtesters and rules writers can be, in fact, anything but!

The confusion seems to arise from the use of individual ‘Options’ in the unit stats. So, before we go any further, we’ll use a quote from Nexus IMTel member Adam:

“10% of the 750 (so 75) points can be spent on ARMY options. UNIT options don’t count to the 10%. So anything on the same page as Block, superior shard and Get up are ARMY options and limited to 10% Anything in the unit description: weapon swaps, plasma grenades, drones extra troopers, leader upgrades etc are UNIT options.”

Army Options

So, where ‘Army Options’ is used in the rules, it refers only to the list of ARMY options on page 159. This is the case, for example, in the ‘Choosing Units’ section on p.158: the 10% is Army Options. As Adam said, this 10% is taken from the agreed points total of the army, so if the points are 750, then 75 points can be spent on Army Options – with the proviso that the limits on selecting each option are used – leaving you with 675 to spend on actual units.

For example, Block and Extra Shot have a limit of the number of ‘Auxiliary units in your army’. So if your Auxiliary unit selector says only 0-1 units (say, at 500 points), then you can only take one of each. You could also by a Well Prepared, Get Up! and Pull Yourself Together, too (for a total of 45 points). There are other options, such as Superior Shard and Marksman, that are limited to one of each in an army. So, at 500 points and only 0-1 allowed Auxiliary units, you could buy one each of Superior Shard (15 pts), Marksman (15pts), Block (5pts), Well Prepared (5pts) and Get Up! (10pts), for a total of 50 points. Of course, you now only have 450 points to spend on units and UNIT options.

Unit Options

The ‘UNIT options’ that the quote refers to are the ‘additional or alternative equipment’ mentioned in the last section on p.158: ‘Stats’. These are list in the individual unit entries. So, if we look at the C3 Strike Squad, it says roughly something like the following:

Unit: C3 Strike Squad Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
1 x Strike Leader with plasma carbine, X-sling,
HL armour
5 5 5 5(7) 7 8 Leader
4 x Strike Trooper with plasma carbine,
HL armour
5 5 5 5(7) 7 8
• Include Spotter Drone in unit @10pts
• Include Synchroniser Drone in unit @20pts
• Add up to 3 Strike Troopers to unit @20pts each
• Give Strike Leader SlingNet Ammo @5pts
• Give unit Plasma Grenades @2pts per model
• Exchange 1 Strike Trooper’s Plasma Carbine for a
Plasma Lance @3pts
• Upgrade Strike Leader to Leader 2 @10pts

Here, the ‘Options’ refers to the additional troopers, equipment and alternative equipment or weapons. The costs given for each upgrade option – ‘UNIT options’ – are in addition to the base points cost of the squad. All this has to be taken out of the permitted army points total, as well!

For example, the base cost for the C3 strike Squad in iteh V2 lists is 112 points. If we were to add a spotter drone – optional equipment – that would be +10 (122). We could also ‘Exchange 1 Strike Trooper’s Plasma Carbine for a Plasma Lance @3pts’ (a common upgrade) to take the total unit cost up to 125 points. This unit points cost total (Base points plus UNIT options taken) is taken from our remaining points after taking out the Army Options. So, in the example we’ve been using, we have 500 minus 50 for Army Options giving 450, minus 125 for our upgraded C3 Strike Squad giving us 325 points left to spend on the rest of our Scouting Force.

We have another article with more information on how to read unit stats and what they mean.