Tsan Ra

Tsan Ra in the Senatex Armed Forces

Tsan Ra Command Squad

Combat Level: Tactical

Where: Battle for Xilos, Chryseis Shard

After the Isori-Tsan Kiri War and the disappearance of the remnants of the enemy Tsan Kiri it was some time before the Isorians were to discover an abandoned hatchery of what were to become known as the Tsan Ra.

Biologically a form of the silicate creature the Isorians called the Tsan Kiri, these newly discovered creatures were born into the shard of the Isorian Senatex. Because the Isorian IMTel had already absorbed data from Tsan Kiri bio-spores, the melded nanosphere was perfectly adapted to interface with the new hatchlings so the creatures became part of the Isorian shard in the same way as the panhuman populations of the Senatex. To distinguish them from the Isorian’s former enemies the new, Senatex-influenced species became known as the Tsan Ra.

The physical prowess of the Tsan makes them effective troopers in countless combat situations, able to carry heavier and more deadly weapons. They are bigger, tougher and stronger than panhumans, though their towering height can sometimes be to their disadvantage, despite the fact that their supporting fire over the heads of phase squads is often appreciated. Their psychological make-up is in many ways more compatible with the business of waging war than is that of the Senatex’  panhuman population.

On the table

Tsan Ra Torus Squad

The Tsan Ra have three types of tactical, infantry units in the Isorian lists and there is scope for converting Tsan Ra into weapon team crew for use in the special Tsan Ra selector in the army lists (first seen in The Chryseis Shard).  The Tsan Ra Phase Squads may appear to be a standard phase squad, the Tsan Ra troopers armed with phase armour and a plasma weapon. The plasma weapon they carry, though, is the heavy plasma duocarb – a carbine, for sure, but one with extended coils that almost makes it into a light support weapon. It is ionly when the Tsan Ra trooper is seen close up that their true scale is realised – or when the duocarb spits fire, either in its RF3 scatter mode or in iits SV3 single-shot mode. Whilst the command squad is very similar to the Senatex command squad – only made up on Tsan Ra – it is the Tsan Ra Torus Squad that really strikes fear into opponents.

The Tsan Ra’s compressor torus, to give it its true name, is a heavy short-range weapon based on compression technology and cannot be carried by anyone less strong than the Tsan Ra. It is based upon the same principal as hyper-compressed material technology and compression weapons. It is sensitive to atmospheric densities in the same way as other compression weapons, but enjoys the same advantages when it comes to crunching its way through cover or other defences. Up close and in hand to hand, it is also a deadly, SV3 hand-to-hand weapon.

There is an extended article by Andy Sparks on one of the many ways to use Tsan Ra effectively. The wonderful Tabletop Warlords also have a video overview on their YouTube channel of the deadly Torus Squad. Edd Ralph has also created a blog post with some tips on assembling these eight-legged creatures.

Phase trooper stats

Trooper Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
Tsan Ra Commander with plasma duocarb, X-sling and phase armour 5 6 7 6(8) 7 9 Leader 2, Command, Follow, Large
Tsan Trooper (Command) with plasma duocarb and phase armour 5 6 7 6(8) 7 8 Large
Tsan Leader with either plasma duocarb and X-sling, or compressor torus, plus phase armour 5 5 7 6(8) 7 8 Leader, Large
Tsan Trooper with either plasma duocarb or compressor torus, plus phase armour 5 5 7 6(8) 7 8 Large

Command, Follow and Leader are in the core rulebook. As with other IMTel-nation infantry, the command squad can take a medi-drone and all squads can take a plethora of buddy drones.
Phase Armour allows the squad to go Down as a Reaction, even when the squad has already received an order dice.

Ian Ackerman’s Tsan Ra of the 66th Nomads – click for a showcase

In store

Tsan Ra are available in squad packs or as part of a larger, Tsan Ra force.

WGA-ISO-10 Isorian Senatex Tsan Ra Phase Squad 1 502216001 Isorian Senatex Tsan Ra Command Squad 2  502216002 Isorian Senatex Tsan Ra Torus Squad 2
509916003 Isorian Senatex Tsan Ra Strike Force