Unboxing: C3M25 Heavy Combat Drone kit

Gary Martin is a contributor to the Nexus and also appears on the (unofficial) Antares podcast, The Freeborn Shard with audio unboxings. To make it easier, he asked if he could post his images here and, of course, we said yes!

Unboxing: the Concord C3M25 Heavy Combat Drone kit

Gary: As promised in The Freeborn Shard Episode 21, I will now be posting some pics of the parts from my unboxing segments.  Those below are those from the unboxing of the C3M25 heavy Comabt Drone. I’ve shown them raw, straight out of the box, so you can see the resin pour and drain points that (as on most resin castings) should be tidied up.

The other set of images taht goes with the episode 21 podcast are those for the Isorian Tograh kit.

So sit back, fill your Antares mug with your beverage of choice and get the Shard on!

C3M25: Hull top
C3M25: Hull under side
C3M25: Engine top
C3M25: Engine Underside
C3M25: Size Comparison with C3M4
C3M25: Front hull detail
C3M25: Hull side detail
C3M25: Hull casting vents
C3M25: Wings top
C3M25: Wings under side
C3M25: Turret top
C3M25: Turret under side
C3M25: Plasma bombard, Compression bombard and Plasma light support – top
C3M25: Plasma bombard, Compression bombard and Plasma light support – underside

This kit also includes a heavy drone flight stand and a metal spotter drone with flight stand.

In store

C3M25 Heavy Combat Drone in store