Useful Blogs, Channels and Podcasts

Personal ShardsThere are a number of really useful blogs out there in the World Wide Web, many of which have some really useful play aids, army lists, modelling tips or observations – Seb Jacquet (below) has a range of oFrench language aids, for example.  We’ve collected a few of the known blogs here and hope you find them useful as we certainly do.

As ever with Personal Shards, these are not official sources and all go off-site, so beware when leaving the protective embrace of the IMTel Nexus!

Blogs has a slew of comprehensive, French-language reference cards/play aids by Seb Jacquet – one for each faction, at least. These are really impressive and well worth looking at.

David Horobin has an truly excellent blog at Listing to Port in which he examines the army lists (and a few other things) and makes suggestions. We’ve linked to his pages from elsewhere as they are well worth a read and he tries to keep them current with the online army lists and new supplements. We can’t really emphasise enough how useful this blog is for new players!

Gary Martin’s Wargames and Painting blog ‘by Big Gazza’ runs an assortment of articles from conversions to ‘how to’s’, reviews and examples. His work on the Algoryn Liberator is jaw-dropping. Gary was also one of the early Antares Gate Builders and gives unboxings on the Freeborn Shard as well as helping out with this Nexus.

Vardos Cadix has a blog with a lot of Personal Shard background and fiction called Beyond the Tales. Loads of detail on a well-mapped out area of the Determinate that he and his local gaming club have worked out.  We particularly like his Virai short story!

Chris Jarratt has a relatively young blog for Antares with an interesting variety of posts and articles with more planned – battle reports, ‘why’s’, painting, etc. It can be found at Antares Expedition.

Aston Howes is another Gate Builder based in and around Plymouth, UK, who has a produced a summary of every faction in Antares. As the host for his Dead Weight Gaming blogsite struggles to be selective, you can access his Antares faction articles through the faction summary page on the Nexus.

Shimond Wargames Amsterdam (Simone Ristori) has a ‘Wargames Amsterdam‘ blog as ‘an Italian living in Amsterdam’. He has a specific category on Antares with some interesting ideas.

Blog Hobby Shop is another FrenchNL blog but run by Sylann Reward. He writes for a local hobby shop called, well, Hobby Shop, and it contains a really nice mix of articles from background to Antares history to observations on the game and factions.

Video channelsRockys War Room Logo

Matt Schreiber’s Rocky’s War Room features a superb Antares video playlist with a mix of videos on games, models, painting guides and, in particular, some really great, fast-forward ‘Let’s Build’ videos where you see the model being assembled and Matt goes over any mistakes he makes. Really great and some have been featured in the Warlord newsletter.

James Wappel is an absolutely marvellous painter who sometimes produces step-by-step and video guides of how he achieves his detail.  The Antares feed on his blog ocan be reached at James Wappel Miniature Painting.

Asher Longney and Dan (‘Gurnecopter’) have an occasional podcast in the Noise Sector but are more known for their Noise Sector youtube videos – all of which are well worth looking out for.

Ben Rubery has a YouTube channel, Too Many Metal Men (which probably sums up most wargamers!) and has just begun to assemble an Antares playlist, too.  He’ll be covering game play, interviews and recordings of seminars or workshops.

Martin Otten has a channel for Antares and Warlord Games rules on youtube under the Warlord Wednesday banner.  It’s a mix of Antares and other Warlord products on the playlist, but he’s constantly adding new videos so it’s well worth a check back from time to time (or even subscribing!).

Freeborn Shard Faction Specia lPlaylistPodcasts

Jan Rudolph has a German-language podcast that he’s just started: Galatea Prime. Early episodes cover the basic rules and flavour but he has many plans!

The Freeborn Shard Antares Podcast  contains regular reviews, unboxings, a run through of all the armies, as well as interviews with players, writers, Rick Priestley, event organisers…  It is regularly featured in the Warlord newsletter and is hosted by Tim Bancroft (the Warlord Studio Antares Co-ordinator), Justin Shearer (see the front of the Battle for Xilos!) and Gary Martin. Back episodes are useful, especially the Faction Specials (see the image to the right).   Tim also sometimes writes on the Delhren Antares blog when he’s not writing supplements, rules and articles for Warlord and the Nexus!

And we’ve mentioned the few Noise Sector podcasts above.

Have fun browsing through some really interesting content!