Early Video Collection

Soon after the official launch of Beyond the Gates of Antares and Strike Vector One: The Xilos Horizon, painted armies, reviews, videos and much more content began to appear on the internet. As part of this, we couldn’t help but get involved, and the Warlord YouTube channel sprung into life. The early Antares videos can be seen below.

A brief introduction from Rick Priestley

Unboxing ‘Strike Vector One: The Xilos Horizon’


The Warlord Team discuss Antares

Rick talks us through the factions of Antares

How to play playlist


However, once the edits of some of these were complete, we had lots more material left ‘on the cutting room floor’ – so over the next few weeks, we’re looking to release some raw, extended videos… they may not be quite as fancily polished – but they offer some excellent insight into the minds behind the game…

The first video is with the one and only Rick Priestley… in which he discusses the creative process behind crafting this new universe, the factions within, and some details on what the future holds…

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The Faction videos showcase the Warlord Games studio miniatures – this one, as an example, focuses on the forces of the Boromites…

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The Warlord Games channel

Keep watching the Warlord Games YouTube channel for regular videos, including more Antares interviews due over the coming weeks…