Virai First Instance

Virai – First Instance

Virai first instance and warrior bodyguards
Virai First Instance and Warrior Bodyguards

Combat Level: Tactical

Where: The Dronescourge Returns

Every Virai hive has a single First Instance, the controlling intelligence of the whole hive. It is a mistake to think of this drone as a single point of control for, whilst it does control and guide the whole hive, it delegates much of its day-to-day processing to a hierarchy of sub-instances: Secondary Instances and their Tertiary Instances, Mining Supervisors and Scavenging Supervisors.

Every hive’s First Instance architector is different as each rebuilds and adapts themselves to the environment and whatever materials are available. In the Taskarr system, the First Instance could be considered relatively ‘standard’ as materials and energy are plentiful aboard TOR 563. Other forms could be multi-limbed walkers for mountainous terrain or even crawlers: the TOR 563 First Instance has merely made a logical decision that suits its environment.

The First Instance on TOR 563 is learning a great deal that it considers vital to the survival of its progeny. The Concord, Senatex and Ghar have very different tactics, weapons and technology – all of which needs to be understood – and the wild, independent and erratic nature of the Privateers is something that needs to be controlled or suppressed. Such information and analysis is tremendously useful to a First Instance, boosting the chances of it achieving its primary objective of protecting and propagating its hive: above all else, the hive must survive, and propagate, even if it means patiently doing so by floating in space for millenia (though proximity to Taskarr and T.O.R. 563 has put an end to such waiting).

Like many First Instances, the TOR 563 First is larger and heavier than other supervisory Virai, with additional armour and circuitry. To compensate, the Virai tend to add additional manoeuvre thrusters and suspensor capabilities to retain mobility and speed: the First Instance may be as big as a Ghar battle suit but is considerably more agile! As a result, this First Instance is not considered Large, though other First Instances may be based on the light hauler drone design.

Most First Instances are accompanied by a weapon drone or warrior bodyguard.

Virai Command Squad Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
First Instance Architector with tool appendages, two fusion cutters 5 6 4 9 7 9 Hive Command*, Follow, Hero, Leader 2, Wound 2, MOD 2,
Architector, Repair Swarm**, Download*, Reprogram*
Bodyguard Warrior Drones with ripclaws and fusion flamer 5 5 7 7 5 7 Virai
Bodyguard Weapon Drone with flamer array, fusion cutter 6 5 4 9 5 7 Virai, MOD2

* Tight-burst, variable-format and encrypted transmissions identified in these three distinct areas suggest the First Instance is able to issue in-flight commands or reset or overclock other drones on the fly. Other functionality in regards to destroyed architectors is to activate the memory core and download the current processing-state into a nearby Second Instance – which promptly becomes a NuFirst, a new memory clone of the destroyed First Instance.

** The First Instance is accompanied by a swarm of miniature drones whose sole function is to provide rapid repairs to other Virai nearby (grants a reroll like medi-drones and enables repair like Self-Repair).

‘Rocky’ has, amongst other Virai videos, one about assembling the First Instance and bodyguard.

In Store

Currently available as part of the Starter Swarm and also available in store in a boxed set with two Warrior drone bodyguard.

Virai First Instance box front
502416502 Virai First Instance box front