Virai Dronescourge Secondary Instance

Virai Secondary Instance Architector

Combat Level: Tactical

Where: The Dronescourge Returns

Virai Secondary Instance Architector with bodyguard
Virai Secondary Instance Architector with bodyguard

The command drones most often seen leading a Virai combat group are the Secondary Instance architectors. The First Instance delegates distinct responsibilities to a number of secondary instances such as mining, scavenging, defense, invasion, construction or manufacturing, and then leaves each secondary to construct the tertiary’s and other drones it needs.  As a result, depending on where a Virai swarm is encountered depends on the make-up of the swarm, whether combat-oriented, scouting, mining or similar.  If a conflict arises, the local Secondary Instance is quick to rush to the point of danger to support its lesser command drones (tertiaries).

Key is that whilst Secondaries may have discrete roles, each is capable of taking the role of each other. Moreover, many Secondaries have armoured, dormant databanks in which the memories of their First Instance are stored as backups: if the First Instance is destroyed, a Secondary can take over by awakening those memories and refashioning itself into a potent NuFirst, either taking over the existing swarm or establishing a new hive.

Secondary Instances are almost always accompanied by bodyguard drones, whether standard Defenders or heavy duty weapon drones. Indeed, Secondary Instances dedicated to invasion tend to have weapon drones with them whilst those on security or defense tend to have the more flexible Defender drones. Whichever they have, a Secondary Instance Command squad is dangerous in its own right, irrespective of the presence of the rest of the swarm.

Virai Secondary Instance Command statistics

Secondary Instance Command Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
Secondary Instance Architector with Fusion Cutter, Tool Appendages 5 6 4 9 7 9 Leader 2, Command, Follow, Hero, Reprogram, Repair Swarm, Architector, MOD2*, Virai
0-2 Warrior Bodyguards with Ripclaws and Fusion Flamer 5 5 7 7 5 7 Virai
0-1 Weapon Drone with Flamer Array and Fusion Cutter 6 5 4 9 5 7 Virai, MOD2

Virai means the drones are immune to scoot or scramble.

MOD2* means that  the model (and unit) has two order dice. Though not normally MOD2, as long as the Secondary retains its MOD2 status, the Warrior drones inherit MOD2.

Leader is found in the core rulebook and allows the Secondary Instance to reroll damage chart entries – the Secondary can be upgraded to Leader 3. Architector implies the Second Instance rolls on its own damage table and Repair Swarm means it can grant Leader rerolls to nearby units and act as a Self-Repair. With Reprogram, an architector can forego its own dice to grant nearby units additional abilities or Rally them.

Videos, comments, making blogs

Rocky’s War Room has a short video on putting together the Secondary Instance and Bodyguard.

In store

The secondary instance is available in the launch Virai Army Deal and will be available separately, soon.

Virai Starter Swarm
Virai Starter Swarm

Virai Dronescourge Secondary Instance Command with bodyguard
Virai Dronescourge Secondary Instance Command with bodyguard