Virai Tertiary Instance Supervisors

Virai Tertiary Instance Supervisors (Architectors)

Virai Tertiary Supervisor
Virai Tertiary Instance Supervisor

Combat Level: Tactical, Support, Auxiliary

Where: The Dronescourge Returns

Whilst the First Instance architector commands a hive, and Secondary Instances typically organise, manage and run a specific function for the hive, the Tertiary Supervisors are under the direct command of the Secondary Instance to supervise the drones in a specific work area – hence their alternate name. A Tertiary Supervisor, for example, might be placed in charge of a scavenging team, or an individual mineshaft or a seam, or a focused manufacturing or industrial function such as weapon drones production or power generation. Whilst having relatively low functionality compared with Secondary Instances, they are the eyes and ears of their superiors, the supervisors sometimes literally ‘at the coalface’.

Tertiary Supervisors are often accompanied by appropriate bodyguards, such as mining constructors or ordinary constructors. Whilst these allow it to quickly complete a specific task, on the table it gives the architector some resilience by spreading hits around other drones. This self-resilience is needed as tertiaries are vital to add resilience to other Virai squads around them in the form of saving rolls, boosted Command and regular use of their ‘Reset’ function to remove pins.  Whilst it rolls on its own damage chart, the results could result in anything from damaged thrusters to loss of functionality or even nearby Virai going berserk – on either side!

Whilst tertiaries can be stationed throughout your force to bolster other units, it is best to keep them protected, at the rear of a force and surrounded by other units – opponents will try and single them out for special attention! Though their own firepower is satisfactory at close range, they are vulnerable to long range, high-SV weaponry and cannot match a sustained firefight with high-firepower squads. In this, their ability to Overclock other units can be useful in maintaining that protective screen. Luckily, they can fend for themselves in close quarters provided they have an escort (or are well protected). One useful way of using them is to keep them in cover to boost their low Res.

Virai Tertiary Instance Supervisor statistics

A Virai army must contain at least one command unit.

Tertiary Instance Supervisor
(Weapon Drone Command Unit)
Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
Tertiary Instance Architector with Fusion Cutter, Tool Appendages 6 5 4 8 4 8 Leader, Command, Reprogram, Repair Swarm, Architector, MOD2*, Virai
0-6 Constructor Bodyguards with Tool Appendages and Fusion Cutter
(for standard tertiary supervisors)
6 5 4 6 4 6 Virai
0-6 Mining Constructors with Tool Appendages and Tractor Mauls
(for mining supervisors)
6 5 4 6 4 6 Virai

Virai means the drones are immune to scoot or scramble.

MOD2* means that  the model (and unit) has two order dice. Though not normally MOD2, as long as the Secondary retains its MOD2 status, the Warrior drones inherit MOD2.

Leader is found in the core rulebook and allows the Tertiary to reroll a damage chart entries: many tertiary supervisors are upgraded to Leader 2, allowing two rerolls on its damage table. Architector implies the Second Instance rolls on its own damage table and Repair Swarm means it can grant Leader rerolls to nearby units or invoke a function similar to other drones’ Self-Repair. With Reprogram, an architector can forego its own dice to grant nearby units an additional action or Rally them.

Videos, comments, making blogs

Rocky’s War Room has a short video on putting together the Tertiary Instance Supervisor.

In store

The tertiary supervisor instance is available in the launch Virai Army Deal and also as a model on its own, as well as a Mining Supervisors with accompanying miner constructors and a mining tool useful in battle: a fractal DBC!

Virai Starter Swarm
Virai Starter Swarm

Tertiary Instance

Virai Mining Supervisor Team with Fractal DBC
Virai Mining Supervisor Team with Fractal DBC