Warlord Games Day 2018

Warlord Games Day 2018

Games Day Ticket 2018New for  the 2018 Warlord Games Day is a fun, pick-up competition for Antares: a ‘Beat the Beast’ game heading up a casual, open ladder tournament – ‘Reach for the Stars’!

The idea is simple: play one or more games against Bernard’s mighty Isorians (‘Beat the Beast‘) or other players in any of a number of scenarios and try and score as best you can in a single game. At the end of the day, the player with the best score from their games wins a store voucher!

Throughout the day we’ll be tracking progress so you can see if you might want to play another game to try and improve your score. A players score is the highest VP they gained across all their games, plus 1 more VP for each additional game they survive. So if you score 3 VP in one game, and 4 VP in another, your total score is 5: 4 for your highest VP score plus 1 for surviving an additional game. If you do well in one game, you could risk not playing another, or come back later and try to better your score!

We’ll have a number of tables available on the day for 2-3 players, and all you have to do is find an opponent, register the game with the Antares helpers, choose a table and it’s scenario, and play!

The armies in use are the special, 600-point, interior Exploration forces and, for some games, a single PLUS add-on of your choice: a strategic unit.  See below for details of what you need to bring.

Date/Time: 22nd September 2018, 10am – 5pm

Where: Warlord HQ, Lenton Business Centre, Lenton Boulevard, Nottingham, NG7 2BD (or see our contact page)

Format: Open, Ladder

Entry to ladder: Free.  (£10 entry at the door to everything in the Games Day itself, available from the Warlord Games webstore)

Online: Warlord Games Day announcement on the webstore

Organiser: Warlord Games!

eMail/Phone: info@warlordgames.com/0115 978 4495 (9.00am – 4.30pm UK time)

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What to Bring

Isorian SenatexBring along your normal dice, tapes, rules, markers and anything else you’d normally use for a small game, plus lists for the 600-point Exploration Force that can be used in the interiors of spaceships and arcologies.  That 600 point force should have some normal sized units, no overhead weaponry, no large vehicles and may even find mounts are hampered within ithe claustrophic confines of a wrecked starship. Whilst some corridors or entrances may limit the use of large models, they will still be able to be used on the wider corridors.

The PLUS addon is a single, strategic unit of your choice from the same faction as your 600 point force. It is used to supplement the 600 point force on larger games or when playing in the Beat the Beast scenario against the huge Isorian Army wielded by Warlord’s production manager, Bernard.  We have to emphasise that this strategic unit is just that: a Mag Mortar with all the add-ons, for example, or a C3M25 or Bastion with a full complement of drones, or even a Brood Mother with her attendant hatchlings – the choice is yours!

When you fancy a game, talk to the Antares helpers or find an opponent waiting at the gaming tables – we’ll have them ready and set up for you to start. When you’ve decided on the table and scenario (some scenarios can only be played on particular tables) mention it to the organisers and they’ll put you on the ladder. At the end of the game – only six turns – report your VP scores to the organisers and they’ll add your score to the ladder!

At the end of the day, there will be a prize for the player at the top of the ladder!


We’ll have some tables with the Decaying Orbital from the Antares Day earlier this year, others with the icy wastes and tundra of Taskarr (from The Dronescourge Returns), another with the lava-strewn, active surface of one of Taskarr’s mooons, and others with more normal terrain from the equatorial regions of Taskarr and a habitable moon in the same system. And, of course, there’s always the Beat the Beast table where up to three players can try and snatch a downed Virai from under the very nose of a massive Isorian army!


Weapon Drone about to attack Ghar on Orbital (Gary Martin)
Virai Weapon Drone about to attack Ghar on a decaying orbital

In addition to the Beat the Beast scenario, below, we’ll have six scenarios ready for you to play:

  • All Hands on Deck – a 3-player, 600 game on board a spaceship in which one player has to fend off two sets of boarders from their ship.
  • Decaying Orbital =- a 2-player, 600 game in which both players must capture a decaying orbital and shut down the reactors that are threatening to blow up the ship – and everyone on it!
  • Planetary Defence – a 2-player, PLUS game played lengthwise on a 5’x4′ table in which one player must defend a critical anti-orbital battery and the other has to capture the battery before their own ships are knocked out of the sky!
  • Downed Ship – a 2-player 600 or PLUS game (your choice) in which both players have to seize control of a central, crashed ship thought to contain the remnants of a Virai Architector
  • Rescue Party – a 2-player, 600 game in which both players must ‘rescue’ an enemy commander who has taken refuge in a building in the centre of the table
  • Accidental Encounter – a 2-player 600 or PLUS game (depending on size) in which both forces have to get as many units as they can off the opposite table edge (based on ‘Unexpected Encounter’, p.143, Antares rulebook).

More detail for these can be found on the 600-PLUS format scenarios page.

Beat the Beast

Ghar face IsoriansA huge, Isorian army is racing to capture crashed Virai in a remote location on the surface of Taskarr. You also send forces, but are dwarfed by those who have the same idea and the sheer numbers of Isorians against you. Still, one must try!

This is an Allcomers vs. the Beast scenario: additional players (allcomers) may come in part-way through a game, but all are limited to six turns.


Three players are pitted against a single, huge Isorian force (under Warlord’s own Bernard). The table is wide enough for three players.


You have a 24″ x 5″ deployment area somewhere opposite the Isorians. In front of you, in the middle of the table, is a downed Virai (one of three). You deploy a PLUS force (600 points and the PLUS, strategic option) ini this deployment area and nowhere else. If your troops do not fit, they may arrive in Turn 1 or Turn 2.

Note that the Isorians have constant reinforcements: you may have to focus on destroying a few in order to capture the objective!


Capture a downed Virai, retrieve it off your own table edge (with infantry) and prevent others from doing so. And inflict casualties on the Isorians and other opponents.

Game Length

Individually, until an allcomer has completed six turns, has retrieved a Virai drone, or is destroyed. Allcomers who have yet to complete six turns stay on the table.

Victory Points (Max 5)

Control’ is counted when a force has an infantry equivalent or weapon team unit within 3” of an objective.

When an allcomer leaves or is destroyed, assess their VPs as follows:

Success Criteria Victory Points Earned
If played six turns and have sole control of objective 2 VP
Sharing control of an objective or if retiring and have control of the objective 1 VP
If any non-probe, non-beast, non-sharded units survive six turns!!! +1 VP
Per Beast or Allcomer enemy unit destroyed (max 2 VP) +0.5 VP